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Jessica LinderPotpisani: 12:35, 24/03/2011
Micke LeonPotpisani: 12:30, 24/03/2011
Samuel EdinPotpisani: 12:04, 24/03/2011
"Every person, animal and plant have equal rights to live and use everything in this world and it is about time that we got rid of the evil concept of money. I'm so sick of the consumerism that thrives in society today where everything is about shopping, shopping and shopping. We need to use the resources to meaningful stuff instead of using it to create waste like designer clothes, cars, gossip magazines and so on.. In the world today you are only worth something if you have the newest and most expensive stuff there is, and that mindset really sickens me. Get rid of money and the influence of religion, politics etc. Wake up. Seriously"
Christoffer GöranssonPotpisani: 11:55, 24/03/2011
Mauritz von SydowPotpisani: 11:43, 24/03/2011
Johan TengqvistPotpisani: 03:33, 24/03/2011
Joel WiklundPotpisani: 21:14, 23/03/2011
Decirée HofvanderPotpisani: 18:49, 23/03/2011
Patrick CallanPotpisani: 15:14, 23/03/2011
Alexander OlssonPotpisani: 11:42, 23/03/2011
"Most problems in the world are technical and thus we have to have a technical solution where we all share the resources of our planet in as efficient use possible where no one is left behind"
sven vikokelPotpisani: 11:20, 23/03/2011
"We need to update ourself - become homo sapiens V2.0"
Daniel BurePotpisani: 07:38, 23/03/2011
"To implement these the ideas and principles of The Free World Charter I propose a Resource Based Economy as outlined by The Venus Project. Feel free to visit for more information. Thank you"
Ed PerezPotpisani: 19:06, 22/03/2011
Henrik KarlssonPotpisani: 14:49, 22/03/2011
Sylvester Zilvinas NaciusPotpisani: 13:49, 22/03/2011
Alex HanssonPotpisani: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Our current system of monetary servitude is inherently selfdestructive and already in the process of collapsing. What replaces it depends entirely of the broadly percieved analysis of the breakdown. Complacent ignorance - authoritarian control and ecological collapse. A critical mass of people awakened - collective prosperity and individual freedom on a level unseen before. The human experience is determinened by our consciousness; the resources are already there. Time to stop trying to make ourselves happy by standing on each other's shoulders, wouldn't you say "
Ermin OsmanovskiPotpisani: 02:06, 22/03/2011
"I hope we all trow thair money back at bankers and tell them to stick it where sun does not shine"
Benjamin ErikPotpisani: 17:32, 21/03/2011
"This sounds alot like The Venus Project, and i like it"
Anders OlssonPotpisani: 07:27, 21/03/2011
Lennart GrowitzPotpisani: 04:20, 21/03/2011
Davor MujezinovicPotpisani: 15:07, 20/03/2011
"Thou which wert once and then ceased to be Art now ensconced to chapters Of a lengthening tragedy Whilst we scream free"
Kristoffer AronssonPotpisani: 11:04, 20/03/2011
"Let's not judge eachother! Let's find out how we can help all of us for personal growth"
Shwan MaulaniPotpisani: 22:49, 19/03/2011
Peter HansenPotpisani: 18:46, 19/03/2011
Matias PalomaaPotpisani: 22:13, 18/03/2011
Ulf BengtssonPotpisani: 21:17, 18/03/2011
"Let's become civilized"
Daniel HanssonPotpisani: 18:14, 18/03/2011
"There is no other alternative if our goal is to survive and live well"
Robert MichalskiPotpisani: 18:07, 18/03/2011
"Combined Common Good is exactly what I have been trying to explain when talking to people and discussing these ideas, The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement, but I couldn't find the words. Thank you"
Klearchos GourgourinisPotpisani: 17:16, 18/03/2011
Oskar AnderssonPotpisani: 15:07, 18/03/2011
Kosotie OsterlingPotpisani: 09:53, 18/03/2011
"I guess the second version of this website will hold the ten point action plan on how we for real stop using money and start creating the new society. Looking forward to that! :-) Love and peace to you all."
Maria RydemanPotpisani: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"All is one.. Changes to a better world is possible "
David NordinPotpisani: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Efson GoitomPotpisani: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Stefan GancerPotpisani: 12:52, 17/05/2011
DARA AMİNPotpisani: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Shahab FarazaniPotpisani: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"I am sick of tired of money. It creates not only poverty and war but it also can make your best friend to your greatest enemy "

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