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Pontus KersPotpisani: 07:59, 03/11/2011
Ana MaregaPotpisani: 19:12, 28/10/2011
Bill StrachalPotpisani: 11:09, 26/10/2011
Bitten NicanderPotpisani: 12:44, 22/10/2011
Malin JohanssonPotpisani: 23:26, 20/10/2011
Pete SchumannPotpisani: 06:32, 19/10/2011
Elisabeth ClaessonPotpisani: 14:31, 17/10/2011
Maria VelastinPotpisani: 14:07, 16/10/2011
Jakob EngelstoftPotpisani: 20:12, 13/10/2011
Fille RääfPotpisani: 23:56, 11/10/2011
"About damn time somebody does something about the world. Thank you."
Justice LångvallPotpisani: 10:04, 11/10/2011
"I find the 10 points to be crudely dictated, and to some degree fail to remain timeless and accurate. But in the spirit they were written, I do agree."
Andre AppelgrenPotpisani: 15:57, 03/10/2011
Helena JohanssonPotpisani: 15:22, 03/10/2011
Remi H. WintherPotpisani: 12:50, 03/10/2011
Jim BeckmannPotpisani: 11:40, 03/10/2011
Philip sadfsdfPotpisani: 11:14, 03/10/2011
Marie KarlssonPotpisani: 13:02, 02/10/2011
"Strangers to this rules the world right now!"
Tommy IvarssonPotpisani: 10:09, 02/10/2011
Terese NilssonPotpisani: 09:41, 02/10/2011
Sara KopljarPotpisani: 09:01, 02/10/2011
Thomas RomlinPotpisani: 16:42, 19/09/2011
Viking HallmanPotpisani: 16:26, 13/09/2011
Jerry KällbergPotpisani: 09:23, 11/09/2011
Siar AlizadehPotpisani: 18:48, 01/09/2011
Shahab FarazaniPotpisani: 16:51, 01/09/2011
"These are the times when people realize that money is just a piece of paper. We are not an intelligent species if we are going to let a piece of paper control our lives. We need to change and it have to begin right now!"
Marcus JohanssonPotpisani: 22:33, 31/08/2011
"The love of a community is great, please make the world a community for every living being."
Kim AndersonPotpisani: 20:57, 31/08/2011
"If only these principles was legally binding and enforceable by international law..."
Niklas AnderssonPotpisani: 20:31, 31/08/2011
"This is all I can think about when I'm going to work. My work is basically a kind of dull and mind numbing job. So when I see this and think about it, most of the tasks I do could probably be done by machines, with some minor surveillance. So except my personal dreams and goals, this is what I whish for the future, for the next generation of the world. A free world."
Pia HägglundPotpisani: 20:56, 30/08/2011
Sophia LouPotpisani: 22:05, 29/08/2011
Morteza KeynejadPotpisani: 11:38, 29/08/2011
Julian GrandezPotpisani: 20:37, 28/08/2011
mikael sjöPotpisani: 21:39, 27/08/2011
Mikael LindbergPotpisani: 16:05, 26/08/2011
"One step closer =)"
Jerry BergsrtömPotpisani: 14:30, 26/08/2011
yrza gripPotpisani: 18:43, 25/08/2011
"just lovely to see and hear - Thank You all for making this vision come true"
Sebastian RockPotpisani: 12:29, 25/08/2011
Alexander JohanssonPotpisani: 11:48, 25/08/2011
Madeleine LarssonPotpisani: 09:15, 25/08/2011
"Yes wounderful to live without money."
Johannes NylundPotpisani: 22:44, 24/08/2011
Anders SkooghPotpisani: 22:16, 24/08/2011
"I love what you are doing. And I've been waiting a long time for an initiative like this. The last ten years, in my whole process of becoming an adult I've felt more and more that something's not right with the world as it is today. I thought for a long time that accepting the world for what it is was just a part of that process, and that my thoughts about a more logical and more loving world was just some naive and immature illusion. But thanks to you, The Venus Project and some other influences, I can finally feel that I wasn't wrong. And that one never should try to rationalize away a hope of love and happiness for all. In my heart, I thank you."
Magnus PerssonPotpisani: 22:13, 24/08/2011
"How sick isn't a world which is depending on privately owned central banks and where people suffer all day long through out the world because of essentially a virtual setup of fake economy?? I cant really understand how this is permitted throughout mankind."
david karlssonPotpisani: 07:48, 16/08/2011
Liv JonssonPotpisani: 15:29, 13/08/2011
"Let´s do it. I´ve wanted this since I was 5 <3"
anders nilssonPotpisani: 08:52, 12/08/2011
Isak LiljaPotpisani: 23:05, 03/08/2011
Christer HedlundPotpisani: 22:04, 03/08/2011
Alexander Ingster HofgrenPotpisani: 14:24, 02/08/2011
Kenny BoufadenePotpisani: 03:35, 01/08/2011
"Wonderful, quite much like The Venus Project, and I support you both. Let´s make this world a world to live for! Not to die for! "
Axel GustavssonPotpisani: 22:39, 29/07/2011

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