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Marcus LindströmPotpisani: 01:00, 19/08/2013
Michelle WintherPotpisani: 23:22, 13/08/2013
Jonas FredriksonPotpisani: 07:55, 12/08/2013
"For too long have people - politicians and rich people in particular - served only their own, outdated political or social theories as well as their own egos. It is time for change. For people to live their lives according to what works and what serves to better themselves, their fellow humans, and the planet as a whole. It is time to abandon destructive order as well as disorder, to replace them with creative, sustainable order and disorder. For what is creativity, but disorder and order allowing it to flourish, as opposed to destroy or stifle it? Abandon destruction, embrace creation. It is time for change."
Fredrik SjöstrandPotpisani: 08:50, 03/08/2013
Mikael PerssonPotpisani: 20:24, 02/08/2013
Karl JohanssonPotpisani: 10:57, 02/08/2013
Niki ChalusiPotpisani: 22:53, 27/07/2013
"It has to start somewhere "
Tomas MobergPotpisani: 23:42, 24/07/2013
Ron MorinaPotpisani: 01:05, 14/07/2013
"For a better world , Peace and Love to all Humanity"
Timothy JobePotpisani: 23:48, 13/07/2013
"For the love and service to the whole <3"
marie gullvertPotpisani: 10:14, 01/07/2013
martin kjellinPotpisani: 10:53, 27/06/2013
"äntligen några som fattat galoppen, jag är med mä hela huvet !!!"
Linus LittorinPotpisani: 20:17, 23/06/2013
Kenneth JacobsonPotpisani: 12:45, 14/06/2013
"It is all very simple, was it difficult, we would have found a solution long ago. What is right before our eyes, is always hardest too see. None of us has ever paid two cents for being born on this planet, and none of us can ever take two cents with us, when we leave. And leave we will.. So what are fighting about ? Everything anybody could ever need for this existence is provided for free. Nobody pays the sun to shine, the plants to grow, or the animals for letting up their lives for us. When shall we understand, that only by giving, without exemption to all of life's forms (of which we are but one) shall we be able to create complete fulfilment for all, a world of justice, fairness and equality.. Harmony on our spaceship earth is possible. if we want it. But do we ? Or do we prefer strife, competition, greed, wars for power and over "money" (the great joke) It seems we do... Humankind suffers under the illusion of separateness. We are so conditioned when we are born into this world."
Eva-Lena HedalPotpisani: 16:17, 10/06/2013
Riitta LempinenPotpisani: 16:08, 10/06/2013
Maria EngevikPotpisani: 15:01, 10/06/2013
Stina KälldénPotpisani: 07:59, 03/06/2013
Sandra SandblomPotpisani: 21:21, 02/06/2013
Jenny HanssonPotpisani: 21:10, 02/06/2013
Mattias AvelinPotpisani: 14:29, 27/05/2013
jan malmströmPotpisani: 17:02, 23/05/2013
Patrik von CorswantPotpisani: 07:23, 19/05/2013
Leonidas PadazakosPotpisani: 23:52, 18/05/2013
Jörgen AnderssonPotpisani: 21:22, 18/05/2013
Mark JohanssonPotpisani: 17:04, 18/05/2013
Christian RosénPotpisani: 01:43, 15/05/2013
Viktoria LakePotpisani: 22:32, 14/05/2013
Mats HöglundPotpisani: 21:52, 05/05/2013
Dexter NorrmanPotpisani: 21:30, 01/05/2013
Jan KarlssonPotpisani: 07:24, 22/04/2013
"Trading life for economic survival is not liberty. Liberty is freedom from both fear and survival. No life needs to earn the right ti live. quote: Diana Luppi, E.T. 101"
Elisabeth SjödinPotpisani: 22:33, 18/04/2013
Edward VissePotpisani: 20:33, 18/04/2013
Therese NilssonPotpisani: 00:34, 18/04/2013
Odd JannessonPotpisani: 19:20, 17/04/2013
Maria JönssonPotpisani: 19:06, 17/04/2013
"It's about time to free ourselves <3"
Elisabeth KullgrenPotpisani: 16:58, 17/04/2013
"I love this and looking foreward to be in this world!!"
Martin OlssonPotpisani: 15:44, 17/04/2013
Niclas LindénPotpisani: 15:25, 17/04/2013
Jenny NilssonPotpisani: 14:55, 17/04/2013
Lillith Carina CastorPotpisani: 10:22, 15/04/2013
Josefine FrykbergPotpisani: 21:15, 06/04/2013
Axina AdlerPotpisani: 16:58, 03/04/2013
Pelle JohanssonPotpisani: 17:56, 27/03/2013
"Im not sure what this page is about, but im sure what the venus project is about and the zeitgeist movement and im a part of that movement , and it looks like this is a part of a "Sign" that we do but i mean then what? going to show it to the goverment? So i dont get the point of this. But i agree in a free world."
Erik TolboomPotpisani: 13:56, 27/03/2013
Mathias Aronsson DaltreyPotpisani: 12:49, 27/03/2013
André KristofferssonPotpisani: 11:35, 27/03/2013
"There is no reason why not."
Tim JosefssonPotpisani: 11:17, 27/03/2013
Martin Vollan BanchePotpisani: 11:11, 27/03/2013
"Finally something bigot people can understand!"
josefine korpePotpisani: 10:53, 27/03/2013

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