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Sara Bradley3 days ago
"This is a great idea for everyone. I'm from Australia but never had the rights, social security or standard of living that a lot of people do in so called first world nations, and that I technically should be entitled to. I always try to help others who need it whether inside or outside my country. I was wondering if you guys could help raise awareness about spinal cerebellar ataxia (SCA), and other rare neurodegenerative disorders that are usually undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and mistreated. I likely have a form of it but haven't been diagnosed after years of trying and pointing out symptoms to ignorant doctors, who just have it labelled as an "undiagnosed neurological condition." I can no longer walk, talk, eat, sleep or think properly and they think it's alright to give me the same social security that people twice as able have. This sort of situation might be good for freeworlder's to think about since the doctors and government don't know what to do. And business doesn't care." - Lyle Cregan4 days ago
"Please check out. Michael Tellinger one small town Ubuntu philosophy " - Hendrik Viljoen4 days ago
"Let's be free and share the world. ?❤️" - Bree Schembri 5 days ago
Ian Sharp6 days ago
Colleen Capponiover a week ago
Ruth Hadadover a week ago
"The only thing that's going to save humanity & the entire biosphere is some form of Resource Based Economy, with no money or markets. The current system MUST be replaced." - Dan Atkinsonover a week ago
Catherine Smithover a week ago
Davin Sauerover a week ago
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Gareth EvansPotpisani: 01:16, 08/10/2020
"I'm a UK national who lives in Vietnam and currently works in Saudi. The world and its people are beautiful. It's now do-or-die in terms of human survival and drastic changes are needed. This charter sets out just what is needed and what is absolutely achievable given the will of enough people. Great work! "
Ali ChinPotpisani: 15:39, 02/09/2020
موفق دخانPotpisani: 00:52, 27/07/2019
Lelanie FavaPotpisani: 19:57, 17/03/2019
"I want everything is free."
Ahamed GassimPotpisani: 22:12, 30/01/2019
razeen deenPotpisani: 00:35, 04/07/2016
عبدالله العليانPotpisani: 00:19, 06/12/2015
Yazser GreenPotpisani: 05:46, 30/03/2015
layla aliPotpisani: 22:18, 21/06/2014
Nayef AlharbiPotpisani: 09:08, 20/06/2014
"فليعيش الجميع سواسية بخير وأن لا نرى الشر والحقد والكراهية بسبب الطبقيات بتعالي منهم لأنهم يدخرون مالا ً وغيرهم لا يملك .. أتمنى لكم التوفيق . "
Nayef AlharbiPotpisani: 09:06, 20/06/2014
"فليعيش الجميع سواسية بخير وأن لا نرى الشر والحقد والكراهية بسبب الطبقيات بتعالي منهم لأنهم يدخرون مالا ً وغيرهم لا يملك .. أتمنى لكم التوفيق . "
saleh ibrahimPotpisani: 15:29, 19/06/2014
Sami AliPotpisani: 06:59, 19/06/2014
Hassan KadhimPotpisani: 06:39, 19/06/2014
mollah jkPotpisani: 00:21, 19/06/2014
ASMA MOHAMMEDPotpisani: 18:50, 18/06/2014
Mourad RedaPotpisani: 07:40, 01/06/2014
mohammad saifPotpisani: 01:16, 03/05/2014
ahmef mandourPotpisani: 22:03, 02/05/2014
bayan Al-abasyPotpisani: 08:13, 02/10/2013
walied osmanPotpisani: 20:08, 05/08/2013
"This is the nicest campaign I've seen in my life I'm from pe"
manal hgiPotpisani: 21:59, 27/01/2013
"كل الشكر لكم على هذا الانجاز "
bader alhleesPotpisani: 23:32, 28/11/2012
Ethar Al TamimyPotpisani: 16:07, 24/11/2012
jamilah AlshehriPotpisani: 01:32, 23/11/2012
suliman salehPotpisani: 15:42, 22/11/2012
سالمة الموشيPotpisani: 15:23, 22/11/2012
"اتابع كل ما له علاقة بالسلام والأمان للانسان . "
muhana ahmedPotpisani: 19:10, 07/11/2012
Cat Fl0werPotpisani: 05:55, 12/08/2012
Mhster AL-HstrahPotpisani: 01:12, 19/07/2012
هويدي سعدPotpisani: 06:53, 05/05/2012
Irene SteinerPotpisani: 15:15, 18/03/2012
منار عبداللهPotpisani: 12:56, 16/03/2012
"لنجعل كل شئ مجاااااااااااااااااااااااني"
Amani DaghririPotpisani: 16:40, 27/02/2012
Dr. Sajid S. KhanPotpisani: 12:56, 11/02/2012
Mohammed Al-sayedPotpisani: 10:25, 14/11/2011
"Thank You .. Hope to See a Better World"
Amr Al AmriPotpisani: 13:36, 10/08/2011
Mohamed Al AmeerPotpisani: 12:15, 10/08/2011
ATHAR MOHAMMED H ALHAKIMPotpisani: 16:56, 21/05/2011
"I woud like to make house and home in australia all my life for free"

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