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Ștefănuță FlorinPotpisani: 23:07, 10/03/2013
"point 8...the scientific method...i hope this not mean that the monsanto seeds ar scientific proven to be good for such future world :))))"
VIORICA POPPotpisani: 09:34, 10/03/2013
peta neluPotpisani: 19:13, 07/03/2013
Contra GigiPotpisani: 10:42, 07/03/2013
Stefan Adrian OnofreiPotpisani: 01:33, 26/02/2013
"Free the World..."
Stanescu GabrielPotpisani: 10:04, 25/02/2013
Cristian ZarnescuPotpisani: 13:23, 24/02/2013
Maria JidovuPotpisani: 10:44, 22/02/2013
"It is a hard thing,but I am sure we,the ones who see will get it done!!!"
alin ganeaPotpisani: 20:20, 21/02/2013
"id love to see all these happen but sadly i have no hope :("
Costa FranciscPotpisani: 19:09, 16/02/2013
Costa SorinaPotpisani: 19:06, 16/02/2013
Alexandru Daniel BeznoiuPotpisani: 13:04, 14/02/2013
""Without these qualities life will be violent and all will be lost." Charlie Chaplin"
Andra NicolinPotpisani: 13:12, 07/02/2013
"free youselves !!!"
Alexe CalinPotpisani: 16:35, 03/02/2013
Voina DanPotpisani: 21:40, 25/01/2013
Mosulet Ion-MarinPotpisani: 10:45, 25/01/2013
Traian BajanPotpisani: 23:38, 23/01/2013
"I see what the world is like and I cannot believe that almost everyone can live with the illusion of freedom. I keep asking a simple question: What if I don't want to play in this game,to work for money and buy things with money? What if I just want to evolve on my own,survive only with what nature gaved us?"
George Alexandru SficaPotpisani: 23:05, 22/01/2013
"Spero che questo progetto venga realizzato al più presto. Il mondo non deve più tollerare la cattiva gestione delle risorse della Terra. "
razvan dinuPotpisani: 21:15, 20/01/2013
"I do not choose to be born in this world. Now that i am here i choose to be wise and good and help others understand that what they are doing is so wrong. Is like living in a world of blind people that do things without seeing they are doing it all wrong . I am so happy that more and more people are starting to see some light. Its up to us to help them see where they are going. "
Eduard DaniloviciPotpisani: 19:09, 19/01/2013
macaria cristiPotpisani: 18:09, 14/01/2013
Mircea PopPotpisani: 23:27, 10/01/2013
"nice ideea, when we start?"
George-Alexandru TeodorPotpisani: 11:16, 09/01/2013
alexandra murariuPotpisani: 09:02, 09/01/2013
Cristian Petru ParvuPotpisani: 06:36, 03/01/2013
brindusoiu alexPotpisani: 19:58, 02/01/2013
Catrinescu Ioan DorinPotpisani: 22:15, 28/12/2012
"I'm sure the agreements will improove once we start developing according to the laws of the Multi/Univers. Thank you for taking such action."
Nicolae VintuPotpisani: 10:31, 16/12/2012
Neacsu Cezar-GeorgePotpisani: 06:37, 26/11/2012
"I want a better functioning society for a better world, preferably as soon as possible."
hnockh enokhPotpisani: 10:35, 10/11/2012
toma corinaPotpisani: 20:20, 06/11/2012
"Please help build a new free world, where money don't count more than life itself!"
Felix PopescuPotpisani: 11:44, 03/11/2012
"It's only common sense to agree with all this !!!!!"
Popescu RubenPotpisani: 11:04, 03/11/2012
"I hope this will happen very soon because we need this change very very much and in my opinion this is the best thing to do right now and this is the only thing we must do to live a good life!"
Raul GhenciuPotpisani: 11:38, 29/10/2012
Sorina VoicuPotpisani: 20:55, 28/10/2012
Voica Ana-MariaPotpisani: 14:35, 25/10/2012
VLAD VOICUPotpisani: 12:17, 25/10/2012
Mircea Titus NeteduPotpisani: 11:31, 23/10/2012
Sorin Ciprian StanPotpisani: 09:44, 15/10/2012
Florin CiureaPotpisani: 18:48, 14/10/2012
Emil Dan SarmasanPotpisani: 12:31, 11/10/2012
"Earthships, Permaculture and Aquaponics are great starting points for creating the basic support systems for a better world in the spirit of the principles of the free world charter. Inform yourself."
Dan CostinPotpisani: 12:00, 05/10/2012
Marinescu Toma-CristianPotpisani: 12:26, 03/10/2012
Antonio Andrei SchiopuPotpisani: 01:11, 20/09/2012
Marius AdrianPotpisani: 13:57, 13/09/2012
tarcatu aurelianPotpisani: 21:34, 02/09/2012
simona luiza floricaPotpisani: 22:02, 27/08/2012
Radu Vrinceanu-CoteaPotpisani: 18:01, 16/08/2012
"As a principle is ok, but I am wondering how do you see it hapening?"
robert adrian scurtuPotpisani: 22:45, 02/08/2012
"You actually have to die to everything you know -to your memories, to your miseries, to your pleasures. And, when there is no jealousy, no envy, no greed, no torture of despair, then you will know what love is and you will come upon that which may be called sacred; therefore, sacredness is the essence of religion. You know, a great river may become polluted as it flows past a town, but if the pollution isn't too great, the river cleanses itself as it goes along and within a few miles it is again clean, fresh, pure. Similarly, when once the mind comes upon this sacredness, then every act is a cleansing act; through its very movement the mind is making itself innocent and, therefore, it is not accumulating. A mind that has discovered this sacredness is in constant revolution - not economic or social revolution, but an inner revolution through which it is endlessly purifying itself. j.krishnamurti"
Adela NistoraPotpisani: 16:31, 26/07/2012

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