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Wendell StuartPotpisani: 14:28, 14/02/2013
"I am all for this, along with the zeitgeist movement and the venus project."
Eteve HenriPotpisani: 15:55, 26/01/2013
Reynon BasilioPotpisani: 17:57, 28/12/2012
Rizalino GarrotePotpisani: 06:18, 24/12/2012
"I just want to share this quote: "And in spite of all the mastery we've attained, we don't have enough mastery to stop devastating the world, or to repair the devastation we've already wrought." Daniel Quinn"
shawn elliottPotpisani: 09:17, 19/12/2012
Sarah Jones Ang NonePotpisani: 21:12, 23/11/2012
Jenny TanedoPotpisani: 13:42, 08/11/2012
Henry Isidro KanapiPotpisani: 10:47, 25/10/2012
Christine Joan DimudePotpisani: 22:02, 13/10/2012
Jessica DunascoPotpisani: 04:25, 18/09/2012
Jean-Pierre van den BerkPotpisani: 09:54, 28/08/2012
"teach people what is important, let them figure out how to get it, people will want to do things, like work or tasks, every one has desires, every one has wishes, every one has to contribute... How will this system handle apathy? laziness? greed? "
PamelaRose HouserPotpisani: 03:33, 18/08/2012
Ebenezer Ramos Bonbon Amakusa RyuPotpisani: 17:23, 25/07/2012
"I, as a responsible, idealistic and positivist member of the international community, n an effort to seek an alternative form of society wherein unity in diversity flourishes, I hope to take part in this venture that aims to present a real solution to all these ills and be very open-minded to various ideologies that promotes collective peace and stability but ensures individual freedom and progress in a manner that respects not only human beings but other lifeforms and our nature in general, as a show of understanding the work that has been given to us by our Creator, I am supporting this Charter and will promote its acceptance and eventual promulgation by which our future generation may implement, if not during the span of my lifetime. So help me God."
Eddie KalawPotpisani: 07:07, 09/07/2012
Mhellan NarcisoPotpisani: 07:02, 09/07/2012
"this is my dream!:) no worries no hassle and everything is equal, everybody will benefit from it. Its the best thing in life! and its free! :) lets free our world.. :)"
Carmelo R. Tayo, Jr. Don TayoPotpisani: 16:05, 30/06/2012
Ninia dela Cruz Potpisani: 23:50, 20/06/2012
clifford caritativoPotpisani: 02:15, 02/05/2012
Job Abednego DavidPotpisani: 07:14, 01/05/2012
"This kind of pacifist updated society agrees with my common sense and pantheistic world view. Truly amazing. I will support this all the way through possible. Though so much reforms, I fear, will get only a few people to understand. "
Ted OntimarePotpisani: 10:55, 06/04/2012
RONIE BULAWINPotpisani: 18:23, 21/03/2012
"I would like to join the community."
Juan de la CruzPotpisani: 03:54, 12/03/2012
"I think people right now should really wake up and think not only for theme selves. I am living in this sick society for long time now and it really makes me depress more and more. I love to be part of this change and I believe that it is not too late to make our world a more better place to live with and bring true happiness for all of us. Freedom for all! "
Sid SidPotpisani: 17:57, 07/03/2012
mark da silvaPotpisani: 11:01, 05/03/2012
Bryan NapodPotpisani: 08:34, 05/03/2012
charito ferrerPotpisani: 04:06, 19/02/2012
Shiny SorianoPotpisani: 15:23, 05/02/2012
"We are the solution in our problem. Lead by example"
Francis SantiagoPotpisani: 16:18, 02/02/2012
"This is exactly what i was looking for. It gave me a better understanding of what the world would be without money. I totally agree with this. And thanks for the help, i am more confident to what i will write in my story. A world(previously polluted by money, injustice and etc.) without money, social hierarchy, discrimination, violence, and etc. is striving to survive against the destruction of the earth that rooted from its dirty past. To what will they do to survive is still in progress. I believe we can achieve these if we cooperate and i hope that if that time comes the earth is still breathing, still filled with life. May this be a success! Goodluck!"
Gary ChristopherPotpisani: 07:20, 28/01/2012
"Very nice and i am proud to sign this charter"
nelson panaPotpisani: 11:02, 25/01/2012
"humanity deserves freedom"
Gloria Maria CatterPotpisani: 21:14, 03/01/2012
"Gracias por tan valiosa información!!"
Isagani Canaveral Chia Sonny ChiaPotpisani: 18:34, 22/12/2011
"Our arrogance is our weakness and our ignorance,a congenital disease that will eventually destroy us. We are a short-term-thinking species that burns up all the fossil fuels in the blink of an eye,destroying our own planet and destroying ourselves in the process.. I wish that human beings have the maturity to achieve sustainable life on the planet earth.."
Arnaldo EvascoPotpisani: 07:51, 19/12/2011
Ernesto Kao EvangelistaPotpisani: 10:08, 14/12/2011
Francis ManuelPotpisani: 00:38, 27/11/2011
"Life is good! And all things in this world is a miracle, it happens everyday. We are the responsible ones to take care of our planet. That's why i want to make a difference."
alex torresPotpisani: 05:16, 16/11/2011
alex torresPotpisani: 02:21, 21/10/2011
Stephen Karlo SeverinoPotpisani: 00:14, 21/10/2011
Joava PhillipsPotpisani: 07:08, 07/10/2011
Edgar EneroPotpisani: 03:43, 04/10/2011
Victor Jay SagradoPotpisani: 13:52, 03/10/2011
jay ciminiPotpisani: 04:09, 30/09/2011
Ron Anthony Pionso ROnPotpisani: 09:07, 09/09/2011
ben dela cruzPotpisani: 08:17, 09/09/2011
Florida BegnaenPotpisani: 06:55, 09/09/2011
Egart SaribouPotpisani: 15:21, 03/09/2011
"May Goodwill, peace and understanding prevails over narrowmindedness due to illogical brainwashing of religious extremism beliefs over humanitarian beliefs"
Neil SkinnysmilePotpisani: 15:48, 27/08/2011
arjay irincoPotpisani: 03:12, 25/08/2011
John OliverPotpisani: 06:06, 14/07/2011
Pinuno FuentesPotpisani: 00:08, 02/07/2011
"Let us make this happen!"

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