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Louis DietvorstPotpisani: 16:00, 01/07/2013
Janneke KernkampPotpisani: 13:06, 01/07/2013
"Good idea, let's put this into practice."
Roelof PiestPotpisani: 14:37, 29/06/2013
Willem Jan PotPotpisani: 19:34, 27/06/2013
"Be yourself be free"
Richard VisPotpisani: 14:10, 27/06/2013
"Bezit is een illusie..."
Ewoud Duijndam-de WildePotpisani: 18:21, 26/06/2013
"The 10 principles seem to be allright. However, I retain some uncertainty about doing away with all forms of money as an intermediate for exchange, and there is the point of social interaction and creating purposeful and meaningful communities that Charles Eisenstein has incorporated in his "Sacred Economics". Otherwise it seems like a good set of principles."
Elkie WeelPotpisani: 17:45, 26/06/2013
Vincent LursenPotpisani: 13:33, 26/06/2013
Reinier MonhemiusPotpisani: 13:12, 26/06/2013
"Go check out the Venus Project. "
Rogér de GraafPotpisani: 00:17, 26/06/2013
"You guys are the best. From now on I will start living by these rules and I will send the your video that I have just been watching to everyone I know. I wish you guys all the best. Greetings from Amsterdam"
Bart SchotPotpisani: 23:51, 25/06/2013
"Totally agree! I pretend we have already begun. B-) "
Rhea en Jasper van NuijsPotpisani: 21:02, 25/06/2013
Alie PiestPotpisani: 13:51, 23/06/2013
"Na deze handvest goed gelezen te hebben. Is mijn conclusie: "dit zegt genoeg!""
Raymond VisPotpisani: 13:46, 23/06/2013
"Liever gister dan vandaag. Zo niet vandaag dan morgen. Zo niet morgen, dan "the hell so soon ass possible""
Mirren BuijsPotpisani: 21:24, 21/06/2013
Mirte de VriesPotpisani: 11:50, 15/06/2013
Marcel BakkerPotpisani: 14:46, 13/06/2013
"Money does not primarily contribute to the fulfillment of any need. Instead it hinders the natural desire to share and cooperate. Many people can quit with their jobs if there was no money at all. We need this efficiency opportunity to overcome worlds issues and guarantee a happy future for all. We need to end the built-in duality of the debt based money system in order to end poverty, fear, anger, sadness and unwanted behaviour. Choose for the giving era and earth will become paradise."
S.G.R. de VriesPotpisani: 10:48, 13/06/2013
ronald abelskampPotpisani: 12:56, 10/06/2013
Sara RademaPotpisani: 13:07, 09/06/2013
"De afgelopen maanden heb ik zo veel over dit onderwerp gedacht. Aantekeningen gemaakt, me suf gepeinsd over hoe ik het de wereld in kon brengen. En wat blijkt? Er zijn veel meer mensen mee bezig! Ik ben zo onbeschrijflijk blij op dit moment! Mochten jullie opzoek zijn naar mensen die zich willen inzetten voor dit idee, schroom dan niet mij te mailen! "
Tara McGregorPotpisani: 08:29, 09/06/2013
A KPotpisani: 07:21, 08/06/2013
Roy TrinesPotpisani: 20:11, 31/05/2013
José GoddardPotpisani: 18:28, 31/05/2013
"Het kan wél. En gelukkig ben ik niet de enige die hier heilig in gelooft!"
Hans GaasenbeekPotpisani: 17:36, 30/05/2013
Johan JonkmanPotpisani: 11:55, 29/05/2013
Remco GravePotpisani: 10:50, 29/05/2013
Jeroen Hilgeholt Potpisani: 08:49, 29/05/2013
Raymond BerbenPotpisani: 04:56, 29/05/2013
Marjolein van der TakPotpisani: 08:45, 28/05/2013
Bas DobbePotpisani: 00:48, 28/05/2013
Rutger PlakPotpisani: 18:46, 27/05/2013
Esther GlasPotpisani: 19:09, 26/05/2013
Dennis UlrichPotpisani: 21:39, 24/05/2013
"The Venus Project is also a very good way to approach and accomplish the 10 principals you advocate "
Joke Bil-CoomansPotpisani: 14:56, 23/05/2013
marco van campenhoutPotpisani: 22:44, 20/05/2013
Natasja AndewegPotpisani: 22:03, 20/05/2013
Dajenne DijkshoornPotpisani: 22:58, 19/05/2013
Marianne de PaauwPotpisani: 11:16, 19/05/2013
Sjoerd MostertPotpisani: 18:37, 18/05/2013
Esther UiterlindenPotpisani: 09:01, 17/05/2013
Franc VerstappenPotpisani: 23:22, 16/05/2013
"If at first you don't succeed, lower your standards. ;- )"
Eddy ModdePotpisani: 23:16, 16/05/2013
"Lets make this work"
Lucas DautzenbergPotpisani: 20:51, 16/05/2013
"this has been my vision for as long as i can remember"
Rose VerkerkPotpisani: 17:04, 16/05/2013
Anousja BesselingPotpisani: 15:18, 16/05/2013
linda guijtPotpisani: 14:58, 16/05/2013
John LatyshevPotpisani: 12:11, 16/05/2013
Rogér; LousbergPotpisani: 11:54, 16/05/2013
Takisa TeresaPotpisani: 11:29, 16/05/2013
"I could not agree more. I can't wait to experience this great change in humanity, but there is yet a great amount of ignorance in the world. Then again evolution happens, so one can only hope for a revolution. I've imagined a world without money for as long as I can remember and I recently turned 21. It's amazing to see others working hard to put this reality in motion. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! "

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