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anno van der ZeePotpisani: 22:27, 19/10/2011
Peter O'DohertyPotpisani: 20:25, 19/10/2011
Dokm DokmPotpisani: 16:43, 19/10/2011
JW DeesPotpisani: 12:00, 15/10/2011
Laurens MooijPotpisani: 14:54, 14/10/2011
Robert VelthuysenPotpisani: 10:32, 13/10/2011
mladen vekicPotpisani: 16:03, 12/10/2011
Erik WijnadsPotpisani: 00:47, 12/10/2011
Bryan KeirenPotpisani: 23:59, 11/10/2011
Peer VosPotpisani: 22:11, 11/10/2011
"Thank you for your efforts to make and write this. Let's join together and be free."
Jerome MeyerPotpisani: 16:40, 11/10/2011
holy hendersonPotpisani: 16:25, 11/10/2011
"I advocate for a vegan lifestyle for all humans as we have enslaved animals for flesh and other animal products long enough. In the new free world without money the animals are our nonhuman equals who deserve their own free natural life. We are not top of the food chain as some may think, but meerly made to think we are by authorities and corporate industries. "Human beings, animals and plants are all inseparable parts of nature. We are in nature, not outside or above it. All species are connected to each other and the planet, and indirectly rely on each other for survival." We humans should leave the animals alone in the free world. We're causing too much harm and suffering at this very moment exploiting and murdering billons of them globally. "
Farah nassiriPotpisani: 13:12, 11/10/2011
Annemarie SpeekPotpisani: 12:21, 11/10/2011
Joris van de KerkhofPotpisani: 08:31, 11/10/2011
Erwin van DijkPotpisani: 08:42, 08/10/2011
trix trixPotpisani: 21:48, 06/10/2011
Fanny WinkelmanPotpisani: 11:17, 04/10/2011
Alhric LaclePotpisani: 12:11, 02/10/2011
Ria WillemsenPotpisani: 08:28, 02/10/2011
Jos van der VeenPotpisani: 13:33, 26/09/2011
"Try and research the work of Jeremy Rifkin, his books and lectures are just in line with the FWC. And while you're at it: Dr. Dan Nocera , a chemist at the MIT does have a clear message and a way to free us all with personalized energy, the key to a free life. A growing majority of people are joining the Zeitgeist Movement, with the exact same goal as the FWC. Good luck to us all!"
Jelle Haandrikman Potpisani: 22:29, 20/09/2011
Nicolette van der WaalPotpisani: 17:00, 19/09/2011
"We are free spiritual beings. Why would we have to pay for our stay on this beautiful planet? Abundance is possible for everyone. It's our duty to create this for our children. "
Robert WissekerkePotpisani: 12:15, 19/09/2011
Spanda FoundationPotpisani: 09:13, 10/09/2011
michel sorianoPotpisani: 09:25, 09/09/2011
"This is good stuff! I'm a webdisigner from Netherlands and just writing/building a digital ebook about "A World with out money" for a dutch website. > It's not my own website but i support the communitie for there great job on the internet. I wanna help to promote this idee and you van help me to. Please contact me on the emailadress. Greetz michel Soriano "
Mildred van den BroekPotpisani: 16:21, 07/09/2011
"This is the way it should have been all along, back to Paradise, where we got kicked out of by the rulers and churches, to slave for money!"
adriana sanz cagigasPotpisani: 18:23, 06/09/2011
one eye JansenPotpisani: 21:07, 05/09/2011
Arthur HollakPotpisani: 18:49, 04/09/2011
Astrid SnijderPotpisani: 15:54, 02/09/2011
"I'm all ready for it!!!"
Aukje VeldhuisPotpisani: 22:41, 29/08/2011
Maarten UdemaPotpisani: 09:31, 28/08/2011
B GroenendijkPotpisani: 20:59, 27/08/2011
Milo HoekiPotpisani: 20:18, 27/08/2011
Pascal GeutjesPotpisani: 16:33, 27/08/2011
Aron van de Florie familiePotpisani: 15:16, 27/08/2011
""scientific" I would define as "common sense" and "knowledge" . And it says "every person", I'm sorry, but I am not a person! Persons are legal fictions created by government. "
Dimitra KassariPotpisani: 12:31, 26/08/2011
"I am thankful to you for doing this. I've been thinking about it for a year now but never actually did anything about it (except for the occasional frustrated FB status update...). Many people tell me I am unrealistic (I take this as a compliment), that this is a utopia, impossible to happen because of the greedy nature of humans. I disagree, and I am looking forward to proving it."
Karin BonnemaPotpisani: 22:29, 25/08/2011
"I've always dreamt of a money-free world. So I am very surprised I don't stand alone in this. Good charter!"
Mark DriscollPotpisani: 20:55, 25/08/2011
kevin van de weteringPotpisani: 17:20, 25/08/2011
"everything free NOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! %(@*$ kapitalists"
Daan van de KonijnenburgPotpisani: 15:04, 25/08/2011
Margherita GoldirePotpisani: 12:16, 25/08/2011
geer oskamPotpisani: 11:45, 25/08/2011
Nanouk de BruinPotpisani: 11:03, 25/08/2011
gracia HPotpisani: 10:33, 25/08/2011
Shayne McCreadiePotpisani: 00:12, 25/08/2011
"I have been a firm believer in this principle since the disaster in Haiti when lack of money somehow paralyzed emergency aid... which is impossible. Planes don't fly on cash, they fly on kerosine. Thank you. "
jacob feigePotpisani: 00:00, 25/08/2011
"I have now agreed. But what may I ask is this going to achieve, How, when And where? "
Patrick de BruinPotpisani: 22:20, 24/08/2011
sylvester tredgettPotpisani: 22:11, 24/08/2011

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