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Sara Bradley3 days ago
"This is a great idea for everyone. I'm from Australia but never had the rights, social security or standard of living that a lot of people do in so called first world nations, and that I technically should be entitled to. I always try to help others who need it whether inside or outside my country. I was wondering if you guys could help raise awareness about spinal cerebellar ataxia (SCA), and other rare neurodegenerative disorders that are usually undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and mistreated. I likely have a form of it but haven't been diagnosed after years of trying and pointing out symptoms to ignorant doctors, who just have it labelled as an "undiagnosed neurological condition." I can no longer walk, talk, eat, sleep or think properly and they think it's alright to give me the same social security that people twice as able have. This sort of situation might be good for freeworlder's to think about since the doctors and government don't know what to do. And business doesn't care." - Lyle Cregan4 days ago
"Please check out. Michael Tellinger one small town Ubuntu philosophy " - Hendrik Viljoen4 days ago
"Let's be free and share the world. ?❤️" - Bree Schembri 5 days ago
Ian Sharp6 days ago
Colleen Capponiover a week ago
Ruth Hadadover a week ago
"The only thing that's going to save humanity & the entire biosphere is some form of Resource Based Economy, with no money or markets. The current system MUST be replaced." - Dan Atkinsonover a week ago
Catherine Smithover a week ago
Davin Sauerover a week ago
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Ugne LisauskaitePotpisani: 07:52, 07/02/2021
Marius UlozasPotpisani: 00:57, 03/09/2020
Haroldas BlockusPotpisani: 07:56, 28/04/2019
Violetta ViolettaPotpisani: 21:41, 24/04/2019
Алекстандр ВикторовичPotpisani: 21:53, 31/03/2019
Vytautas ŠergalisPotpisani: 22:59, 29/09/2018
Eima VegaPotpisani: 07:55, 29/12/2015
"Completely agree!!!"
Matas StaniulisPotpisani: 16:48, 13/11/2015
Vaidas ŽilysPotpisani: 15:56, 23/10/2015
Marius RentasPotpisani: 08:50, 26/09/2015
Tomas NoruševičiusPotpisani: 09:01, 11/02/2015
Rytis BartuseviciusPotpisani: 15:51, 10/02/2015
"Prety the same idea like "Venus Project" , but as far the ONLY solution to fix our problems, and evolve to the next level. Cant wait to see theese type of projects into the daylight."
Darius JaseviciusPotpisani: 12:15, 23/11/2014
Iveta KlingaitePotpisani: 21:08, 15/11/2014
Audrius VaitiekunasPotpisani: 23:02, 14/09/2014
RICCARDO BONDINIPotpisani: 23:30, 26/06/2014
"What can i say more than i' m with you and thank you so much to your consciousness."
Vaidas KnezeviciusPotpisani: 11:05, 20/05/2014
RICCARDO BONDINIPotpisani: 13:57, 17/04/2014
"grazie vi sono molto molto grato"
Ricardas BielskisPotpisani: 23:49, 23/03/2014
"You either see it all, or none of it."
Nikas GrumblysPotpisani: 10:45, 16/01/2014
Kestutis SlavinskasPotpisani: 19:50, 20/11/2013
Rolandas VolkovasPotpisani: 22:37, 07/10/2013
Evaldas BoskasPotpisani: 20:12, 03/08/2013
"Life is not worth living if the only purpose you serve is to be an obedient worker, a brainwashed consumer who doesn't question the authority and humbly accepts what he's been told even if its a lie.."
Ernestas LatakasPotpisani: 09:26, 02/08/2013
"UNITE The Venus Project the best of the best. http://www.tvpactivism.lt lietuvių aktyvistų bendruomenė. Galime turėti geriau nei turime. Einšteinas pasakė, niekada nenustokite užduoti klausimus."
Dainius SkirbutasPotpisani: 22:08, 01/08/2013
Justinas ParadnikasPotpisani: 21:33, 01/08/2013
Aleksej TisionokPotpisani: 21:32, 01/08/2013
Ignas DauksaPotpisani: 11:01, 16/05/2013
Romualdas PaliokasPotpisani: 06:44, 15/05/2013
Aidas PetraskaPotpisani: 14:06, 04/05/2013
"I wish to see the day when we can live without money, trade or debt. Use free or renewable energy where possible. I wish to see people respect other people and all life. But unfortunately I don't believe it's going to happen any time soon. Humans are too greedy, paranoid and ignorant creatures... :( "
Laurynas NavasaitisPotpisani: 14:40, 27/03/2013
Karolis BalciunasPotpisani: 21:32, 24/03/2013
Domantas PelaitisPotpisani: 19:18, 23/03/2013
Mindaugas DervinisPotpisani: 20:03, 10/01/2013
Karolina KrinickaitePotpisani: 20:16, 09/01/2013
Mantvydas SvilpaPotpisani: 11:04, 28/12/2012
"Love for money is the root of all evil !"
Jurate MarcinonienePotpisani: 11:04, 18/11/2012
Mindaugas PeciulisPotpisani: 08:46, 26/10/2012
dainius KuncePotpisani: 21:07, 25/10/2012
Ąžuolas LiaukevičiusPotpisani: 12:40, 25/10/2012
"Logic is not an answer to itself and everything. It's just a one tool, that can be used to support our common sense and real wisdom. Logic lead us to where we are now in the first place."
Vaidas KnezevičiusPotpisani: 12:16, 25/10/2012
"Doun't w8 to long :)"
Gytis PetruskaPotpisani: 11:59, 25/10/2012
"I agree and Sign! freedom!!!"
Modestas GerybaPotpisani: 11:37, 17/08/2012
Edita BurzinskaitePotpisani: 20:11, 11/07/2012
Aleksandr KocetkovPotpisani: 16:33, 21/06/2012
Edvardas ChursiakasPotpisani: 00:42, 19/05/2012
"We need to reach critical mass of people who thinks the same to start make visible changes. 51% of planets population to start new future! It can sound like an utopia, but WE HAVE TO TRY!!! "Every fool knows you can't touch the stars, but it doesn't stop a wise man from trying." - Harry Anderson "
Evaldas MaksimavičiusPotpisani: 19:58, 12/04/2012
"For free world wthout money"
Ignas VorobjevasPotpisani: 22:04, 10/04/2012
Rasma ButkutėPotpisani: 21:40, 03/04/2012
Marijus NavardauskasPotpisani: 16:31, 26/03/2012

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