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Allan JaxPotpisani: 05:03, 23/11/2014
Peter BryrupPotpisani: 21:07, 22/11/2014
Andreas MännelPotpisani: 20:16, 22/11/2014
"it is basically expressed but how can you describe the heart on the rught place what is all important. "
Kim Erik MonbergPotpisani: 21:42, 18/11/2014
"God? Is ??Just? Another ??Word? for ??Love? & ??We? Are ??All? ?Lovers? Of ?Light & Water?"
Allan Funder KaasPotpisani: 12:12, 18/11/2014
Patric ThysellPotpisani: 21:08, 17/11/2014
"Life is eternal. It is this seemless eternity within that creates our conscious experience of reality. Life is all there ever was, like we always were. We have come far, still there is no end ahead, only life. Please read"
Michael ZehntnerPotpisani: 06:33, 16/11/2014
"it's time for a change, a change like this ! for all on earth, we are one !"
Lars Skov PedersenPotpisani: 23:42, 24/10/2014
"Bankers and goverments do NOT invent and they do NOT develop anything, let all of mankind unite, free for all and let's help each other make this a better world to live in without war, greed and poverty"
ion milevaPotpisani: 22:05, 24/10/2014
Marc KDPotpisani: 12:10, 21/10/2014
Erik Olsen Potpisani: 12:20, 21/09/2014
"It would be fantastic if a society like that could be established. I can see a lot of obstacles till we reach the goal, but it would be worth the effort"
Anders Christian Arvad AndersenPotpisani: 19:57, 14/09/2014
charlotte buskPotpisani: 13:33, 13/09/2014
Susanna NielsenPotpisani: 07:41, 05/09/2014
"I have to share a testament I have received, with the people on this world and I ask every honest man and woman to help me with this, please."
Martin Spure ChristensenPotpisani: 23:58, 27/08/2014
José Manuel Galvan MendezPotpisani: 20:50, 25/08/2014
"Thank you for everything you are doing for our planet. I highly appreciate your effort and share of knowledge to the world. I hope for a change in our societies."
Dennis SchneidermannPotpisani: 11:50, 11/07/2014
Cecilia VinkelPotpisani: 11:14, 14/06/2014
Hans Peder LaursenPotpisani: 22:00, 16/05/2014
"I already support The Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement and believe that only by Resource based economy, science and logic, can we make a world sustainable for all life on this planet. "
Ela MikkelsenPotpisani: 08:08, 08/04/2014
Ursula LeiderPotpisani: 15:47, 24/03/2014
"Dem ist nichts Mehr hinzu Zu fügen!!!!"
Sanjin KulenovicPotpisani: 22:36, 03/03/2014
Florence JohansenPotpisani: 06:48, 04/02/2014
Vilhelm JuhlerPotpisani: 23:33, 31/01/2014
Jan AnkerstjernePotpisani: 15:34, 26/01/2014
"We Have To Change Now. To Many People and Animals Are Unhappy."
Jens SkovPotpisani: 15:09, 19/01/2014
"I have a dream...."
Isak ZachariasenPotpisani: 17:41, 16/01/2014
Karsten LieberkindPotpisani: 16:52, 16/01/2014
Stefan KengenPotpisani: 15:31, 16/01/2014
Jacob NielsenPotpisani: 11:41, 16/01/2014
Chresten TønderPotpisani: 11:25, 16/01/2014
rolf østPotpisani: 10:43, 16/01/2014
Martin GarciaPotpisani: 09:04, 16/01/2014
Frederik HansenPotpisani: 02:04, 16/01/2014
"I also support the views of The Zeitgeist Movement and the premise of the Basic Income Initiative in Europe, but this is great as well! It matters little how we solve these problems - the important thing is that we solve them!"
rene verwohltPotpisani: 13:59, 08/12/2013
"det må da være løsningen til vores fattigdomproblem og krige . lad os infører dette. "
Gurli ThorsenPotpisani: 10:43, 08/12/2013
Nicolaj Pedersen Potpisani: 15:16, 07/12/2013
"I hope for a better, freer and a more equal world. "
harm-wulf sluyterman Potpisani: 09:42, 27/11/2013
"menschen menschen über alles, überall in unserer welt, nicht versklavet von kabalen nicht versklavt durch gier und geld. frei vom joch durch macht der liebe menschenkinder glücklich sind, gerechtigkeit bewussten wesen himmel auf erden jedem kind. vielleicht gibt es irgendwan noch mal einen zweiten vers, lg. hw."
Niamh BrownPotpisani: 08:20, 17/11/2013
"I am someone who has struggled with, and seen others close to me struggle with, point 9 for all my life. I have lived with chronic health conditions and had to be the breadwinner and care for members of my family who are too sick to work. I do not know how much longer I can go through cycles of burn out (when I over do it for too long) now that I cannot find work again once recovered. Until last year I had been able to go through these cycles every few years as my way of coping but if I cannot get back into the workplace I worry about those who depend on me as well as my own health. I think point 9 is often over looked in this world so thank you for including it in your charter :)"
Louise BisgaardPotpisani: 15:02, 12/11/2013
thorbjørn øllgaardPotpisani: 02:29, 26/10/2013
Madelene PetterssonPotpisani: 20:32, 05/10/2013
Mikael Ostenfeld KrogPotpisani: 08:33, 26/09/2013
Morten BendixPotpisani: 18:45, 22/09/2013
Lise MøllebroPotpisani: 20:44, 28/08/2013
"Yes Please.. The sooner, the better! This is the only, and true way! Fondly Lise"
Jacob JacobsenPotpisani: 23:14, 13/08/2013
"It's up to us, what we make of this world."
Carl BjorkPotpisani: 13:53, 03/08/2013
"I fucking love this!!!"
Kenneth Leo KristensenPotpisani: 10:00, 02/08/2013
Nicolaj ValeurPotpisani: 06:20, 15/06/2013
Romans JedzijevsPotpisani: 12:31, 06/06/2013

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