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Bertram GjerløvPotpisani: 00:24, 04/12/2011
"unleash human potential"
armando simonPotpisani: 23:12, 27/11/2011
"I support this initiative with all my heart, mind and consciousness. As a human, a father and a scientent being I dont see any other alternative for the future of this planet... "
unni daliPotpisani: 13:09, 27/11/2011
Birthe Susanne NielsenPotpisani: 10:53, 27/11/2011
"I love freedom, and we need it.."
Alexander AaenPotpisani: 02:02, 24/11/2011
"I don't really have any comments, it pretty much sums up every aspect that I, myself think about."
Christopher ThuesenPotpisani: 18:15, 19/11/2011
Pia Lona HansenPotpisani: 19:27, 18/11/2011
"Love this! Can we do it today please ;0) I have been dreaming the same dream since I was a little girl : happy people living in peace and harmoni, without stress, with respect for the nature and with smiling loving faces. I dont no why I have this dream, maybe if we are lucky - it is the future:0).."
Sven Munch-PetersenPotpisani: 09:16, 18/11/2011
Pia HollundPotpisani: 17:37, 15/11/2011
Niclas KristensenPotpisani: 23:47, 14/11/2011
peter fajmerPotpisani: 01:25, 14/11/2011
André MarcosPotpisani: 12:40, 13/11/2011
"When i open my eyes i start dreaming"
martin juncherPotpisani: 10:53, 10/11/2011
Lasse Skou LindstadPotpisani: 21:19, 08/11/2011
Thomas Modeweg-HansenPotpisani: 10:48, 08/11/2011
"If only i could see the way the transition should come about. How do we stop the use of money ? I love the idea, and I wish for it. "
Iván S. PasarínPotpisani: 13:02, 07/11/2011
Mai Søndergaard MadsenPotpisani: 15:09, 03/11/2011
Michael WolffPotpisani: 19:37, 02/11/2011
Sarah MøllerPotpisani: 23:07, 01/11/2011
Fanny BrandtPotpisani: 17:21, 01/11/2011
Maria BillingtonPotpisani: 16:44, 01/11/2011
Christian Hjort skildal MøllerPotpisani: 15:24, 01/11/2011
"Rember flowers... love to you alle"
Hans HoumøllerPotpisani: 15:23, 01/11/2011
Jannick LadefogedPotpisani: 15:20, 01/11/2011
Heine ChristiansenPotpisani: 14:19, 01/11/2011
"As equality equals life you must now have a feeling of what inequality is, and when some live it; we live it. An organism at war with itself is doomed:"
Thomas HiltPotpisani: 14:00, 01/11/2011
Anders Bøgeløv JensenPotpisani: 13:07, 01/11/2011
"Why havent I heard of this before, I will share to everybody I know"
Michael HansenPotpisani: 11:43, 01/11/2011
henrik ellehuus petersenPotpisani: 14:32, 28/10/2011
Kenni FrederiksenPotpisani: 17:58, 26/10/2011
Anders EllehuusPotpisani: 23:18, 25/10/2011
Anders PetersenPotpisani: 19:22, 25/10/2011
Leif BriisPotpisani: 00:49, 25/10/2011
"Yes! I think its exactly what we need to survive the banksters and as a spices on the planet. Let's go for it right now!"
Anastasia Marianna HansenPotpisani: 17:02, 24/10/2011
"super initiative!"
Gert LarsenPotpisani: 14:47, 24/10/2011
Dorthe BahnePotpisani: 13:31, 24/10/2011
Alex VolkovPotpisani: 09:21, 16/10/2011
"Brilliant message, that needs to be spread more effectively."
Pelle Ezekiel EsbensenPotpisani: 07:18, 16/10/2011
"Great initiative. You may want to highlight the fact that this is a longer process, we're going through, both individually and as a community. One cannot become sustainable, throw off all old habits and attain unified consciousness overnight. But we can all adopt the principle of aiming for a little more sharing and caring each and every day - in whatever circumstances life hands us. As long as we don't mind doing the little things and the legwork - most of us can change with the world for the better - BECAUSE it is a process. Rejoice in living through these times. Give the gift of giving."
Rasmus EngstrømPotpisani: 01:32, 12/10/2011
Hector BrekiPotpisani: 11:25, 07/10/2011
Magnus KelstrupPotpisani: 10:53, 07/10/2011
Till RohwerPotpisani: 02:25, 04/10/2011
Thiago AlmeidaPotpisani: 17:14, 03/10/2011
"Great initiative guys. One day we will live in a free world."
Helle NissenPotpisani: 11:47, 03/10/2011
Soeren EkelundPotpisani: 22:57, 01/10/2011
"Agreed, although with the additional comment that article 1 and 2 should be granted to not only natural life, but also to comparable non-natural intelligences, such as AI, and in addition article 1 and 2 should take into consideration that nature has always had near-extinction as a premise for evolution (and thus progress) and that near-extinctions should therefore not necessarily be prevented. Complete extinction should never happen however, and the option to recreate a species/subspecies always be retained, since we can never know when such a species would be very beneficial if not completely necessary for the common good – and the same principle should count for knowledge and technology of all kinds; never should we let opportunities of the past be forgotten in the future."
Steffen BondePotpisani: 15:26, 28/09/2011
"A system without money has been my vision for ages. Thanks for bringin' it to a whole new level!"
Mads RasmussenPotpisani: 16:30, 25/09/2011
"It's time we free ourselves from a system that technology has rendered obsolete. A resource based society is the only sustainable way to provide for the whole planet."
Jeppe RasmussenPotpisani: 12:32, 25/09/2011
"YES! Let's get rid of the uneconomic "economy" that presently governs all our lives. Once everyone on the planet has everything they need, without cost in man-hours, then noone will listen to the power mongers and the would-be politicians. Sooner or later it will be clear that science (which is the distilled form of the ingenuity and wisdom of the complete human race) is what will guide us into the future - Not greedy individuals."
Yvonn Lykke-LiPotpisani: 22:44, 31/08/2011
"Freeman on the land!!! :-)))"

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