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Jais KleinermanPotpisani: 22:49, 18/04/2012
Hanne PriesPotpisani: 20:53, 18/04/2012
Kian KlenøPotpisani: 17:02, 18/04/2012
"Should the free world charter be in need of participants/workers, you may sign me up. I am a newfledged multimedia designer and have a diploma in sound-engineering and music composing. "
Hans FredegaardPotpisani: 16:19, 18/04/2012
Mattias JohanssonPotpisani: 16:14, 18/04/2012
Sebastian Schmidt NielsenPotpisani: 15:26, 18/04/2012
"The world is addicted to a wrong pattern of behaviour that has manifested itself over 10.000 years. Imagine being addicted to tobacco or heroin for 10.000 years and having to stop. No doctors telling you that this is killing you. We are killing the planet ourselves and all other life in this world by our conduct. We ourselves are realising “my God I am killing myself and all others, I need to stop!” Mankind and life in general is metaphorically or literally in the midst of a miscarriage or a birth. A new paradise won't come easy. New life forms don't come easy. Massive injustice and bloodshed through inequality and poverty. Revolution is not a strong enough term to describe what is bound to happen. But birth!"
Frederik Sthen HansenPotpisani: 15:10, 18/04/2012
jimmi pakakisPotpisani: 14:48, 18/04/2012
Tarik SalihovivPotpisani: 14:46, 18/04/2012
Nicolaj SkallerupPotpisani: 14:21, 18/04/2012
Charlotte OchsenbauerPotpisani: 19:42, 02/04/2012
"True shit, bro's."
Kasper Krog AndersenPotpisani: 22:45, 26/03/2012
Oliver Cebrero LøbergPotpisani: 18:31, 26/03/2012
Michael CopePotpisani: 14:43, 26/03/2012
Johnny KönigPotpisani: 14:17, 26/03/2012
Emilio SanchezPotpisani: 14:05, 26/03/2012
Shan EidnesPotpisani: 13:42, 26/03/2012
"I am happy that the respective movements have joined hands again, you are the hope of our future generations..."
Peter LilliePotpisani: 00:31, 26/03/2012
Michael Torben Løvendahl JohansenPotpisani: 22:35, 25/03/2012
THORKIL HALSKOVPotpisani: 01:06, 23/03/2012
"I agree 100% to what here are stated as Right Human Relations, a vital aspect of GODS LOVE in action."
glenn phillipsPotpisani: 05:23, 19/03/2012
Steffen HelboPotpisani: 20:16, 15/03/2012
Tira VengPotpisani: 15:22, 07/03/2012
Lars Leth HansenPotpisani: 02:36, 06/03/2012
Ina FeldmannPotpisani: 17:23, 01/03/2012
"Das ist für mich eine logische Schlußfolgerun für die Erde und alle Lebewsen die jetzt hier sind und die noch kommen werden. Wenn wir so weitermachen wie bisher, rennen wir in eine Sackgasse und hinterlassen nur noch Chaos und Leid für die Nachwelt. Wir müssen umdenken und so wie es hier beschrieben wird in die Tat umsetzen. Diese Seite werde ich überall verteilen und hoffe das viele noch zur Besinnung kommen. Mit freundlichen Gruß Ina Feldmann"
Casper MøllerPotpisani: 08:19, 29/02/2012
Ditte LykkePotpisani: 08:04, 29/02/2012
Stella Frederikke Tea NielsenPotpisani: 09:17, 27/02/2012
"What a beautiful charter. Thank you! "
Lykke Conjadia Thorup-HansenPotpisani: 02:53, 26/02/2012
"For a free and fair world, where everybody helps eachother with what ever they are good at and love to do :-) One for all and all for one - Love is the way!"
Lars HassingPotpisani: 11:20, 24/02/2012
"Let's take our world back.. With love and understanding as our weapon.."
max hansenPotpisani: 10:28, 22/02/2012
Gitte BüngerPotpisani: 02:20, 20/02/2012
"<3 Love And Light <3 Thank you so much <3"
Dobroslav BakalovPotpisani: 13:23, 19/02/2012
Lone EllehuusPotpisani: 12:09, 17/02/2012
Benjamin KockPotpisani: 01:44, 17/02/2012
Mike HansenPotpisani: 01:25, 17/02/2012
"This charter should have been brought up ages ago! :-)"
Inette LarsenPotpisani: 12:59, 12/02/2012
Tine MansfieldPotpisani: 21:51, 07/02/2012
"Why do we have to pay to live on the planet we were born on!"
Oliver MansfieldPotpisani: 21:29, 07/02/2012
"I believe in this ideal. Not because I'm a lazy teenager with no ideas for life, but because I'm certain this is the only way to go, if we want a good and sustainable future for mankind, and our planet Earth. If we keep using the system, created by corrupt business men, we are most certainly doomed. I think, if everyone has just the slightest hope for an ideal world like this, making it so, will be more than possible. We have to break free of the (new) "traditional" way of life, and create a new one!"
Simon GramstrupPotpisani: 01:00, 30/01/2012
Kean RiberPotpisani: 00:44, 27/01/2012
helle hansenPotpisani: 12:22, 25/01/2012
Jonas Emil GrundsoeePotpisani: 16:35, 22/01/2012
"Wonderful, this is what we need - I especially liked the point that all the earths resources are the birth right of all creatures, not just humans, and believe this thinking is the ultimate in ethics along with the other charter points."
Jon EnniPotpisani: 02:25, 14/01/2012
Jasser Osman SchouPotpisani: 00:41, 14/01/2012
René JørgensenPotpisani: 20:04, 13/01/2012
Romina CuptorPotpisani: 13:20, 19/12/2011
"How will small islands be reached? And population removed from the main stream of technology and other resources? Thank you. "
Troels Just ChristoffersenPotpisani: 20:57, 15/12/2011
Peter HjorthPotpisani: 12:57, 12/12/2011
carolina Ziirsen AinetoPotpisani: 20:40, 11/12/2011

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