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Hauke JannsenPotpisani: 10:07, 20/09/2012
pernille elholmPotpisani: 19:45, 07/09/2012
"easy to agree, but given the power and greed that rules, very hard too see, how it could become more than a dream"
Maria FagerlundPotpisani: 13:01, 07/09/2012
"This is a good start."
Kasper SaxtorffPotpisani: 16:13, 06/09/2012
Asbjørn ÆrsøePotpisani: 13:18, 06/09/2012
Mikkel ChristensenPotpisani: 21:42, 03/09/2012
Steffen Norgaard-AndersenPotpisani: 15:15, 28/08/2012
Alex AmaralPotpisani: 02:42, 25/08/2012
Dennis JørgensenPotpisani: 13:16, 22/08/2012
anders petersenPotpisani: 07:36, 29/07/2012
Frank ReinauPotpisani: 15:24, 28/07/2012
Casper MadsenPotpisani: 14:52, 28/07/2012
"I don't really agree with using logic to solve everything. At least not logic alone. We need to use the heart. The heart never lie or deceive. The ego, on the other hand, does, and the ego uses logic. Making decisions based on logic will only work if directed by the heart. If logic is directed by the ego it can turn anything off in the wrong direction, no matter how good the fundamentals are. Love and compassion is in the heart. Greed and fear is in the ego. Not accepting this fact could potentially be a huge mistake. Believing blindly in science (or anything else for that matter) is risky. Please consider this!"
Henrik StæhrPotpisani: 14:24, 28/07/2012
Rasmus ThønningsPotpisani: 22:38, 24/07/2012
Nikolai Elmskov HansenPotpisani: 11:44, 23/07/2012
"Ever since I was a teenager, I've always felt something was wrong, as I anticipate many of my age and state of mind have shared. Throughout my teenage years I was indoctrinated into cultures and lifestyles that were not my own, I was forced into systems I could barely understand and comprehend, I was shoved through the grinder that our system is. Here, at the age of 22, years after I finished public school, I'm still out of a job and still heart-broken at the way our world seemingly works. People are being destroyed by this aged system everyday, either physically, mentally, directly or indirectly and they still commit to the daily race in pursuit of a token of worth of which to repay their "debt" and bills? I met a woman a while ago who told me; "People today have become so impersonal. Whatever happened to working to live, rather than living to work?" "
Mads LundtPotpisani: 02:43, 16/07/2012
"I dream of a world where compassion takes priority over profit..."
Bjarke FiskerPotpisani: 10:03, 15/07/2012
Miamaya Jasmine Monike SommerPotpisani: 16:23, 13/07/2012
marion haagPotpisani: 07:44, 10/07/2012
Helene GrovePotpisani: 12:58, 08/07/2012
Charlotte RyePotpisani: 11:55, 08/07/2012
Elisabeth Bjørnson MarcussenPotpisani: 09:46, 08/07/2012
Sofia MegzariPotpisani: 23:12, 07/07/2012
Obrad PetkovicPotpisani: 22:44, 04/07/2012
Tom AndersenPotpisani: 20:49, 03/07/2012
Dan JohannessonPotpisani: 15:21, 02/07/2012
Carmen RiosPotpisani: 11:15, 25/06/2012
Daniel BjærrePotpisani: 00:31, 25/06/2012
Florentina HaxhaPotpisani: 09:41, 21/06/2012
Fanny DimitrovaPotpisani: 09:20, 10/06/2012
"Popravete si pravopisa na formata za e- mail, napisana na bulgarski che se izlagate! She ochakvam novi iniciativi prateni po mail ili mi pratete link kum vasha grupa vuv Facebook, za da sledia kakvo stava i s kakvo moga da pomogna na iniciativata"
Else MøllerPotpisani: 20:05, 28/05/2012
Helene Jensen cosmiaPotpisani: 16:28, 28/05/2012
Lasse ElgaardPotpisani: 20:40, 22/05/2012
Jacob UhrenholtPotpisani: 16:55, 22/05/2012
"I imagine a world where we are all truly free. Free from hunger and oppression. Free from war. Free from corrupt coorporations dictating what is right and what is good for me. I see a world where I want to better my self and where my children will be proud to live in."
Kristin SannePotpisani: 15:21, 17/05/2012
Jacob HermansenPotpisani: 21:03, 16/05/2012
Michael HansenPotpisani: 09:07, 15/05/2012
Johannes BusckPotpisani: 22:55, 13/05/2012
martin jørgensenPotpisani: 10:55, 10/05/2012
"Great idea. This is what we need!"
Jonas SecherPotpisani: 18:47, 07/05/2012
"Nice, little dream world you've thought out here, but it is by any and all means utopia, and several of these principles would plunge the world straight into anarchy, chaos and mayhem. It's cute but it won't work. You want to believe it can work, and so do I, but the difference is I don't delude myself into thinking it can work. I stick with reality, and reality is harsh and bitter. Reality dictates it can't and won't work. I'll sign your charter, though, just because I agree that's how it all SHOULD be, but I don't believe it COULD be this way."
Michael BachPotpisani: 10:42, 07/05/2012
Poul DamholtPotpisani: 10:41, 07/05/2012
Kasper aarupPotpisani: 10:06, 07/05/2012
Erik GonzalezPotpisani: 09:57, 07/05/2012
Morten IsaksenPotpisani: 21:41, 06/05/2012
Peder Holk SvendsenPotpisani: 17:13, 26/04/2012
Mads TømmingPotpisani: 18:33, 22/04/2012
anders jorgensenPotpisani: 18:07, 21/04/2012
"all this is not new to me, with the venus project, the zeitgeist movement ect. The time for these chances cannot be urged enough, however. Beware of robots, they are to help us do labor and other things, we should not let them learn to do these things and more, and manage other robots & productions. They shal only be programmed to do what we want them to. Managing them, production and updating the robots are for humans to do. nice site :)"
Sune Keller SiegenfeldtPotpisani: 23:55, 20/04/2012
per aksel jensenPotpisani: 18:08, 19/04/2012

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