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Jane BryanPotpisani: 18:44, 26/01/2020
John KennedyPotpisani: 17:22, 26/01/2020
Darrell AndrewsPotpisani: 17:12, 26/01/2020
"The current System is broken and totally corrupted. Money is the primary method of control and enslavement to this System. It's time for the old System to end and a new way of life for Everyone to begin!"
Raymond BaranakPotpisani: 17:09, 26/01/2020
Shannon SevenPotpisani: 17:05, 26/01/2020
Darryl Kaplan Potpisani: 17:00, 26/01/2020
"Let's create the new, as we create from Love. "
Solomon EkoPotpisani: 16:56, 26/01/2020
"This is what humans need to thrive."
Savannah HawkinsPotpisani: 16:37, 26/01/2020
Mark BedwellPotpisani: 09:13, 26/01/2020
Lesley CollinsPotpisani: 08:54, 26/01/2020
"Time for a new paradigm, this one is so totally dysfunctional it doesn't even work for the majority. "
Cathy HeardPotpisani: 02:45, 26/01/2020
Nicholas ParthenisPotpisani: 01:51, 26/01/2020
Jenny BrownPotpisani: 01:38, 26/01/2020
Marije JanssenPotpisani: 21:07, 25/01/2020
Karen ChPotpisani: 17:23, 25/01/2020
Miguel AntonoPotpisani: 17:04, 25/01/2020
Rebecca NicholsonPotpisani: 16:20, 25/01/2020
Michal MauserPotpisani: 10:28, 25/01/2020
"Long time TZM Czech and free software/open-source supporter working on RBE software in Rust. I also program and use Copiosis economy locally which is in my opinion the closest one to RBE and a good transition project. I manage Wordpress sites, Mediawiki (including semantic web), Icecast internet radio platform, Mumble voice chat server and Redmine project manager. I contributed to translation of almost every major TZM material."
Jennifer McLeanPotpisani: 06:45, 25/01/2020
"i dont have anything to offer yet, or that i know i do , but i know that i will someday and be happy to help. ill change this when that changes. "
Diana McElroyPotpisani: 21:37, 24/01/2020
Tenar DwyerPotpisani: 21:30, 24/01/2020
Jose SantosPotpisani: 19:18, 24/01/2020
Daniel GodfreyPotpisani: 16:24, 24/01/2020
Annie PaquettePotpisani: 15:18, 24/01/2020
"I absolutely vote for that!"
Benjamin WalkerPotpisani: 14:59, 24/01/2020
"We will never as a species be truly free if we continue to live by the rules of the system which enslaved us!"
Amarilis SanchesPotpisani: 13:03, 24/01/2020
Kirsty MCMENAMINPotpisani: 03:38, 24/01/2020
"Outility side the box"
Edson Oliveira Chagas Oliveira ChagasPotpisani: 01:35, 24/01/2020
Jose ApontePotpisani: 23:21, 23/01/2020
Geralda En Gonalves EnyaPotpisani: 11:40, 23/01/2020
Geralda En Gonalves EniaPotpisani: 11:08, 23/01/2020
Philip HardyPotpisani: 09:05, 23/01/2020
Sara BrunerPotpisani: 12:00, 22/01/2020
GARY DUNNPotpisani: 20:45, 20/01/2020
Sheetal PasadPotpisani: 13:28, 20/01/2020
"I am a penniless or shoe string budget traveller, and In my travel I try to explore this kind of communities and people.. If I get chance.. Or wherever i stay i offer mt art, skills or workshop and any help in exchange of accommodation and food. "
Carlo LoriaPotpisani: 13:35, 17/01/2020
Robin NouwenPotpisani: 19:31, 16/01/2020
" anything is possible"
Pedro CentenoPotpisani: 04:12, 16/01/2020
masya vibergPotpisani: 09:46, 15/01/2020
"love this have my full support"
Hans Peter SchipsPotpisani: 16:52, 14/01/2020
Kristofer O'DonnellPotpisani: 01:30, 14/01/2020
Melissa KPotpisani: 12:20, 12/01/2020
sam papagianakisPotpisani: 20:26, 08/01/2020
"thank god; it's about time"
michele papagianakisPotpisani: 20:25, 08/01/2020
"thank god; it's about time"
alex papagianakisPotpisani: 20:23, 08/01/2020
"thank god; it's about time"
Ilona SzaszPotpisani: 12:44, 08/01/2020
"Thnks my friend to know this side. I am happy "
Fredrik WrnPotpisani: 08:48, 07/01/2020
James O'NeillPotpisani: 17:37, 06/01/2020
Christian HangaardPotpisani: 11:54, 06/01/2020
"Im quite a ordinary swedish man who loves to connect with new and interesting people."
Fredrik WrnPotpisani: 08:47, 06/01/2020

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