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Linda Alexander Potpisani: 23:27, 23/03/2020
Corbin KeeganPotpisani: 21:46, 23/03/2020
"One free energy is hemp another is bitcoin for luxuries. transport Evacuated tube transport ET3 meritocracy for governance. love light and peace profound so mote it be ????"
Jaimie SinfieldPotpisani: 17:25, 23/03/2020
"Some will always be more 'equal' than other's, but surly Human Equality is something to strive for.."
Leen Vranken Potpisani: 09:35, 23/03/2020
Luc VrankenPotpisani: 09:23, 23/03/2020
"Dit is wat ik voel en denk."
Katrien VrankenPotpisani: 09:11, 23/03/2020
Nikolav TorresPotpisani: 04:54, 23/03/2020
"We should all work meaningfully jobs that better ourselfs and society "
Karen GillmorePotpisani: 21:48, 21/03/2020
"Everything I believe in and couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you."
Hans-Jörg BornscheinPotpisani: 16:58, 21/03/2020
peter adlerPotpisani: 15:44, 21/03/2020
Paulo Vinícius Gomes Cruz ViníciusPotpisani: 13:34, 21/03/2020
Hannes VPotpisani: 09:21, 21/03/2020
Telma Aparecida Daguila TelmaPotpisani: 08:45, 21/03/2020
Maryssa FloresPotpisani: 20:38, 20/03/2020
Miranda ClendeningPotpisani: 16:34, 20/03/2020
Leelu TPotpisani: 20:15, 19/03/2020
Lasse KofodPotpisani: 19:59, 19/03/2020
Viviane Tranker vivicaPotpisani: 19:23, 19/03/2020
Aliza AlbornozPotpisani: 18:29, 18/03/2020
"Wonderful, a Charter that upholds the sacredness of Life"
jane broomePotpisani: 15:36, 17/03/2020
"A way of helping reach our potential..and we do have [potential"
yvonne kucherPotpisani: 12:52, 17/03/2020
Nai`a NEWLIGHTPotpisani: 09:01, 17/03/2020
Hugh CroftPotpisani: 04:30, 17/03/2020
"''Money is for helping other people'' "
CARLOS ARRABALPotpisani: 00:02, 17/03/2020
Diane StarkPotpisani: 23:22, 16/03/2020
"A new mindset is emerging. This is it's instrument."
Khotso KhoabanePotpisani: 22:07, 16/03/2020
Joshua GeorgePotpisani: 13:47, 16/03/2020
Finn WickensPotpisani: 13:06, 16/03/2020
"I am a huge believer in the concept of the Free World Charter. Just peace out, lay back and smoke a doobie #legalisetheting #freethegang"
Isaac PagePotpisani: 13:04, 16/03/2020
Josie FairPotpisani: 12:15, 16/03/2020
"It's so important that we live more simply. Co-exist more equally. And, stop supporting the Corporate Greed that drives our current World."
Wendy DeckerPotpisani: 11:15, 16/03/2020
I AM Shane LivickPotpisani: 04:08, 15/03/2020
"**"Logic as the vehicle of progress" sounds well & good, in theory. In practice, this is not always true. I agree to the terms with this disclaimer/ Declaration/ Warning: SHOULD my heart, mind, intuition & soul disagree with ANY actions set forth by any, OR all other signatories of this charter, We CAN and certainly WILL take actions that We KNOW to be in alignment with what is righteous. Unilaterally, if need be; FIRMLY and deftly, MOST definitely... No hesitation. My distrust of even "well meaning men", shall remain until I AM certain it's need & usefulness has expired. LOVE trumps logic ?Aloha Ke Akua? ~S.M.L March 14th, 2020"
Saulo SauloPotpisani: 23:46, 13/03/2020
Jonny LopezPotpisani: 23:16, 13/03/2020
Morten HenricksenPotpisani: 13:53, 13/03/2020
Franz WeberPotpisani: 07:17, 11/03/2020
"Wer Schmetterlinge lachen hört, der weiß,wie Wolken schmecken"
Nick SauraPotpisani: 05:22, 11/03/2020
Dejan TurkovicPotpisani: 19:18, 10/03/2020
Mariana Araujo Thibau de AlmeidaPotpisani: 21:28, 08/03/2020
"My biggest dream is that all people have food and mutual respect. We have to love our home and be grateful for its nature. "
Caz CrellinPotpisani: 09:12, 08/03/2020
Adriana SicutoPotpisani: 01:46, 08/03/2020
James liggettPotpisani: 23:54, 07/03/2020
Jo RobertsonPotpisani: 22:27, 07/03/2020
Asli TurktekinPotpisani: 22:05, 07/03/2020
Michelle PalmerPotpisani: 22:02, 07/03/2020
Andrew DLPotpisani: 17:28, 07/03/2020
Guilherme TufailePotpisani: 20:51, 06/03/2020
"Assim como compreendo e concordo com os conceitos da Economia Baseada em Recursos, do Projeto Venus vindo do Movimento Zeitgeist; Ciência e progresso para a harmonia social! Luto por toda automação ser Open-Source!"
Roman KochPotpisani: 18:12, 06/03/2020
"Ich denke, damit lässt sich die Erde gerechter Teilen"
Isa MatosPotpisani: 13:25, 06/03/2020
Perola de souza Pérola Potpisani: 19:22, 04/03/2020
"Pela luberdade do planeta tera"

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