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Eric WillmanPotpisani: 07:27, 05/11/2020
"I hold these truths to be self-evident."
Júlio Cezar Nogueira de Andrade CezarPotpisani: 05:33, 05/11/2020
Jürgen PichlerPotpisani: 13:00, 03/11/2020
"Wir sind eine Menschheitsfamilie"
Kátia Regina Sgrott Sauer Machado KátiaPotpisani: 19:18, 02/11/2020
Mary ConnellanPotpisani: 12:18, 02/11/2020
"I just need to learn more in order to understand fully and be committed to the venture - adventure. "
Christine MaylorPotpisani: 11:48, 02/11/2020
Gabrielle SwanbergPotpisani: 11:18, 02/11/2020
"Council of Wise Elders, Quantum Financial System, World Peace, Galactic Peace, now."
Manuel Charles Araújo Júnior Charles Jr Potpisani: 10:02, 02/11/2020
Emilly BassottiPotpisani: 05:54, 02/11/2020
Laura Schaefer Potpisani: 14:57, 01/11/2020
"This is truly the way everything should be! Wonderful! Thank you!"
Jeffrey Schaefer Potpisani: 14:54, 01/11/2020
"Sending much eternal love, joy, peace and bliss to all. "
Marcia EverettPotpisani: 11:56, 01/11/2020
"Specific steps are needed. What do I do now?"
Carol BanksPotpisani: 08:34, 01/11/2020
Holly TominackPotpisani: 07:21, 01/11/2020
Gregory MONTEMONTPotpisani: 13:54, 31/10/2020
Markos ManevskiPotpisani: 07:50, 28/10/2020
Robson CalilPotpisani: 11:56, 27/10/2020
sheila mulloolyPotpisani: 17:39, 25/10/2020
Randall SteversonPotpisani: 12:42, 25/10/2020
Brian TaylorPotpisani: 14:52, 23/10/2020
" is coming to help"
Rosa JohnsonPotpisani: 07:28, 22/10/2020
"Just came across this, and sharebay and the openaccesseconomy stuff. And LOVE it, I've been wanting to start something like this, and am so amazed it's already happening. Not sure why I didn't find it before, but would love to be involved. Amazing work!!! <3 "
Martin GordonPotpisani: 04:34, 22/10/2020
"In a world of such abundance, it is criminal that people still go hungry. It will be a hard road to travel to break us all out of the stories we have told ourselves about money and to work to negate our innate iniquities but this is a way to start."
Matt Pain Potpisani: 02:31, 22/10/2020
"Critical mass is needed to give us the confidence in a visible majority to grow confidence in eachother and the better part of human nature. I hope my signature is one of billions "
colin heinsenPotpisani: 07:38, 21/10/2020
James LPotpisani: 09:16, 20/10/2020
Eberhard LichtPotpisani: 07:58, 20/10/2020
"A life without money is easier than a life with mouth and nose mask."
Filipe OliveiraPotpisani: 15:19, 19/10/2020
Robinson Dvoranen Potpisani: 10:22, 19/10/2020
Gustavo GugaPotpisani: 15:01, 18/10/2020
Derek DoranPotpisani: 13:43, 17/10/2020
Lillith CastorPotpisani: 11:21, 17/10/2020
Poffo OrtizPotpisani: 06:10, 17/10/2020
"Please include veganism in your basic principles, otherwise it will never be ethical or sustainable. Thank you. "
Raees Ahmed ShaikhPotpisani: 03:23, 16/10/2020
Raees Ahmed ShaikhPotpisani: 03:20, 16/10/2020
"I 2nd & endorse 'the charter !"
Paul BowenPotpisani: 02:49, 16/10/2020
Margsret Cartridge Potpisani: 06:53, 15/10/2020
"I want to live in a world that is governed by fair play the poor the rich all equal not bit coin . A honourable people living fairly in all ways "
Arnold RevensteinPotpisani: 00:22, 15/10/2020
Αστέρης ΤζήκαςPotpisani: 15:37, 14/10/2020
Sven BähringPotpisani: 11:54, 14/10/2020
Kinga KalocsaiPotpisani: 00:25, 14/10/2020
Felix BensePotpisani: 01:26, 13/10/2020
Stella MassiPotpisani: 19:08, 11/10/2020
Niko SalamanPotpisani: 17:13, 11/10/2020
Ursula von AhPotpisani: 10:02, 11/10/2020
Marcy RingnessPotpisani: 03:47, 11/10/2020
Hugues BlaisPotpisani: 09:41, 10/10/2020
Andrew Brown Potpisani: 00:34, 10/10/2020
Yasmin EicholzPotpisani: 18:20, 09/10/2020
Essie RademakersPotpisani: 06:55, 08/10/2020
Gareth EvansPotpisani: 01:16, 08/10/2020
"I'm a UK national who lives in Vietnam and currently works in Saudi. The world and its people are beautiful. It's now do-or-die in terms of human survival and drastic changes are needed. This charter sets out just what is needed and what is absolutely achievable given the will of enough people. Great work! "

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