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youmet yamaquchiPotpisani: 02:30, 24/09/2017
Carsten KleinowPotpisani: 21:34, 23/09/2017
João AlvesPotpisani: 17:40, 23/09/2017
Cecilia ThomasPotpisani: 20:15, 22/09/2017
"We think it...thus we will achieve it. CJW Thomas"
Blaine MozyliskyPotpisani: 10:52, 22/09/2017
"''All'' of your advertisements should include the right information like ''An initiative to resolve global suffering with the removal of money,debt... And suggest what we can do to help. Then have fun with different quotes,beliefs,obstacles,fears,updates,fundraising ''always'' feedback,etc. Craft a letter to news broadcasters,newspapers,live television shows,wealthy people,etc... to raise awareness and a need for funding so you can advertise everywhere.If you ever have a question or need advice send an email my way. "
julian quinterosPotpisani: 03:41, 22/09/2017
"habria que pensar en como hacer una transicion"
Bianca BePotpisani: 01:44, 22/09/2017
Joshua BergPotpisani: 23:05, 21/09/2017
Rolando FebresPotpisani: 21:49, 21/09/2017
"Estoy de acuerdo con los principios indicados y creo que el autoabastecimiento de energia, alimentos sanos,iluminacion, transporte, reutilizacion del agua y limpieza del aire con energias renovables es el unico camino"
Joseph ChirafisiPotpisani: 18:38, 21/09/2017
Gary ScottPotpisani: 14:38, 21/09/2017
Daniel OrellanaPotpisani: 13:36, 21/09/2017
"Wishing these 10 new commandments may become the new paradigm of consciousness for all Humanity, as soon as possible.!!! "
Paul WilsonPotpisani: 13:35, 21/09/2017
"While the charter is progress, action is required to enable change and a better future. "
Ezequiel CondePotpisani: 21:35, 20/09/2017
Anaïs GarnierPotpisani: 20:07, 20/09/2017
Jane RichardsPotpisani: 17:47, 20/09/2017
Ryan TarrPotpisani: 14:50, 20/09/2017
Phoebe ShorePotpisani: 07:53, 20/09/2017
Alan HalversonPotpisani: 23:38, 19/09/2017
"This is the premise by which we can all learn by and live by for a better life, a better world and a sustainable future for us all."
Jenny TidemoPotpisani: 21:53, 19/09/2017
Lotta LillebergPotpisani: 21:51, 19/09/2017
Michael GunnPotpisani: 16:37, 19/09/2017
SOLEHIN SABTUPotpisani: 15:41, 19/09/2017
"Try sometime to derive a solution entirely without the use of currency. It could be a wonderful thing."
Jaclyn JudyPotpisani: 02:33, 19/09/2017
Charo Guinea LarcoPotpisani: 23:08, 18/09/2017
Rafael Fernando EzequielPotpisani: 21:17, 18/09/2017
"Assino e quero muito ajudar com isto aqui no estado que escolhi morar para desenvolver uma sociedade melhor onde a compaixão para com os seres vivos sejam os princípios de vida."
Steve BeckowPotpisani: 20:13, 18/09/2017
Mark JonesPotpisani: 18:05, 18/09/2017
karen LeonhardtPotpisani: 15:36, 18/09/2017
Alfonso BarraganPotpisani: 14:54, 18/09/2017
"Working on a movie script with transhumanist and the Venus project theme."
Luke TieppoPotpisani: 14:09, 18/09/2017
José Luis del MoralPotpisani: 13:06, 18/09/2017
"Hola! Quiero colaborar para crear el sistema que reemplace a esta decadente y dañina forma que tenemos los humanos de estar en el planeta."
Cornelia Kanta FriedewaldPotpisani: 10:57, 18/09/2017
"Since Long time I have been telling my friends and anyone who wanted to listen, MONEY is the Problem. We can only solve it, when we stop thinking that we must have money to survive."
Mark EnochPotpisani: 10:42, 18/09/2017
"EMAIL: SOCIAL MEDIA: Mark RBE Enoch (facebook), Advertise the RBE (Minds, Steemit, Twitter) SKILLS: Guerrilla advertising, DIY Transition Plan (Fostering generosity, prosocializing), Free Collaboration Networks, Counter PSYOP, Non-violent change and action, Spanish/French/Catalan/English RESOURCES: DIY Transition Plan: DOWNLOADABLES: LOTS OF LINKS AND CONTENT: ABOUT ME Working at CPS (catalyzing a paradigm shift) for 10 years now. I am national coordinator of Spain and Catalonia. Founder of 2 Free Collaboration Networks that are currently providing free resources to hundreds of people, and of the Gift Economy discord server. Cofounder of Copiosis, Freeworldone, ECOS LETS network and Bank of the Commons. "
Unarja Gaied IsakssonPotpisani: 10:39, 18/09/2017
Karin Jörbrand Potpisani: 07:14, 18/09/2017
David Lucas Nunes de Souza Cruz LessHumanPotpisani: 05:18, 18/09/2017
Noah SpargoPotpisani: 02:09, 18/09/2017
Ashlee LamonsPotpisani: 21:23, 17/09/2017
"We need to help our fellow citizans"
Stephan Tietze Potpisani: 21:12, 17/09/2017
Ingo-Michael Freiherr von Ziegler zu BarrPotpisani: 20:14, 17/09/2017
Margarita KrausePotpisani: 19:17, 17/09/2017
Bernd LasersteinPotpisani: 11:32, 17/09/2017
"I think it will be helpful,if all movements like this would meet at a conference "
Christopher TenEyckPotpisani: 07:47, 17/09/2017
"I wish the world would do this before the end of my lifetime, i want a better more enjoyable life for my family. The fact that we live in an enslaved world sickens me to the point im miserable with daily life. Money is just a way to have power over others, its surely not what keeps people motivated. The only thing that will change this world is us humans, unfortunately us being humans its impossible for everyone to see eye to eye even tho everyone is so miserable in our antmound lifestyle. "
João SousaPotpisani: 18:50, 16/09/2017
Brittany FordingPotpisani: 16:22, 16/09/2017
"If FREEDOM has a price FREEDOM isn't FREE"
Rose BorelPotpisani: 14:31, 16/09/2017
mike dornPotpisani: 23:34, 15/09/2017
"I don't know if the rich will go for it, but there is plenty of scriptures that forbids being wealthy. Luke 16, where rich men get a one way ticket to hell, all them are lovers of money anyway. That is the only time they get what they deserve."
Naomi MurphyPotpisani: 20:19, 15/09/2017
"Beautifully optimistic "
Lawrence QholloiPotpisani: 14:03, 15/09/2017

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