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Michael GaglianoPotpisani: 07:22, 04/11/2017
"Peace Love Prosperity For Everything, Everywhere, For Ever Being & Doing in Creative Harmony in Truth In Benevolent Equality with Diligent Observation with The One Doing No Harm Causing No Loss Respecting the Freedom of Others So It Is Namaste I Am Multidimensional I Am Source I Am One We Are Multidimensional We Are Source We Are One All Is Multidimensional All Is Source All Is One Original Spirit Is "
Timothy CobbPotpisani: 03:04, 04/11/2017
sharon ollewagenPotpisani: 16:43, 03/11/2017
Oliver MetznerPotpisani: 13:28, 03/11/2017
Daniel GrrissenPotpisani: 11:00, 03/11/2017
Raffaella PanatoPotpisani: 10:50, 03/11/2017
Kara Shepard-PoatPotpisani: 06:03, 03/11/2017
jim BussePotpisani: 02:41, 03/11/2017
"I believe a complete collaspe of money will happen and it be worldwide"
Marie JaouenPotpisani: 18:22, 02/11/2017
Arnold KfferPotpisani: 18:14, 02/11/2017
Ernie MacAulayPotpisani: 14:57, 02/11/2017
Adam JonesPotpisani: 12:52, 02/11/2017
"We have the technology and resources to provide for every human need and desire, yet our current socioeconomic paradigm prevents us from doing this. Transitioning into a society and economy that is efficient, sustainable both ecologically and socially, and beneficial to public health is imperative for human progress."
Amelia MercerPotpisani: 11:45, 02/11/2017
Nate TaylorPotpisani: 03:53, 02/11/2017
Jeff StreetPotpisani: 22:50, 01/11/2017
Nasser Oweir Potpisani: 22:44, 01/11/2017

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