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Nathan BrownPotpisani: 15:09, 13/12/2017
"This is what i was meant to be a part of...what i was meant to do for the all i can to help lead and spread light to save hummanity from the devils #1 weapon..."money". Thank you family...I love you all and wont let you down."
marcos leePotpisani: 10:18, 13/12/2017
Oni Woods OjukwuPotpisani: 06:29, 13/12/2017
Oni Woods OjukwuPotpisani: 06:28, 13/12/2017
Oni Woods OjukwuPotpisani: 06:28, 13/12/2017
Oni Woods OjukwuPotpisani: 06:28, 13/12/2017
Oni Woods OjukwuPotpisani: 06:28, 13/12/2017
Davina MoffatPotpisani: 04:34, 13/12/2017
Katherine SloanPotpisani: 19:53, 12/12/2017
Ebenezer BeirutePotpisani: 19:15, 12/12/2017
"Concordo com o conceito de comunidade global e chamo a atenção para a necessidade da reapropriação ambiental e tecnológica que são fundamentais em uma sociedade sem dinheiro, um mundo altodeterminado de base comum mas com alteridade regional sobreposta, ao invés de priorizarmos o saber comum, acho que deveríamos priorizar o diálogo de saberes, Henrique Leff 3 quem trabalha essa ideia. Concordo com ele e talvez para se chegar ao estágio da ausência de dinheiro talvez tenhamos que passar por um novo modelo de racionalidade ambiental que considera a cultura em um diálogo equilibrado com a produtividade primária do planeta."
Stephan BourgetPotpisani: 15:56, 12/12/2017
Jacek PoleszakPotpisani: 13:57, 12/12/2017
Shaaron EvansPotpisani: 13:20, 12/12/2017
"This gives me hope that there are many others like myself trapped in this cult of capitalism and consumerism, seeking a better way. Signing this charter feels so cathartic. I hope I can be worthy of this moment."
Jannica JoelssonPotpisani: 11:55, 12/12/2017
Llyn PeabodyPotpisani: 01:32, 12/12/2017
Pam HaltonPotpisani: 21:13, 11/12/2017
"Money doesn't make the world go round. People make the world go round. "
Jana ThriftPotpisani: 20:06, 11/12/2017
Renee Rocheleau Potpisani: 17:33, 11/12/2017
Paul MurphyPotpisani: 16:52, 11/12/2017
Hossein NabipoorPotpisani: 16:02, 11/12/2017
"Back in summer of 2010, I thought I had just invented the " deinvention of money". Soon I learned that the notion of abolishing money had been around for ages. It was new to me but obviously not to a few others. Ever since, everyone i talked to thought it would be ridiculous to abolish money for once and for good! Hopefully the day will come. What I would propose in order to make it happen is just a little experiment. People like me and those who think like me need to establish a terriroty/little country and just live and work and enjoy life money-free! Once others see that it works everyone will then want to join in. And it will inevitably spread like a cancer across the globe. They will see with their own eyes that it works! I wish to live to see that day. Hossein Nabipoor"
Rodgers DitsePotpisani: 14:25, 11/12/2017
Rodgers DitsePotpisani: 14:16, 11/12/2017
Sarah HodabPotpisani: 12:46, 11/12/2017
Kevin ScottPotpisani: 09:26, 11/12/2017
Paul CheminaisPotpisani: 07:55, 11/12/2017
Alexander HartzellPotpisani: 00:37, 11/12/2017
"What could we create without limiting the ability of others to offer their innovation?"
عبد المنعم السمارهPotpisani: 23:44, 10/12/2017
"فكرة رائعة واتمنى ان يصل البشر الى هذا الميثاق وتوقع عليه كبرى الدول !"
CherBear HoustonPotpisani: 20:02, 10/12/2017
"Fantastic! Looks good for this living Naturist ; )"
Bernadette RossPotpisani: 19:47, 10/12/2017
Mike BruntPotpisani: 18:43, 10/12/2017
"As a certified permaculture designer I fully subscribe to the 10 ideals here."
Andrew DowningPotpisani: 17:57, 10/12/2017
DeJan UngerPotpisani: 14:25, 10/12/2017
"Hvala za gibanje in dejanja! Thanks for movement and actions!"
Kelvin WatsonPotpisani: 13:50, 10/12/2017
Thomas PricePotpisani: 06:38, 10/12/2017
"I am a Sustainability Commissioner for the City of Eugene, in Oregon, USA. I am a Safety, Health and Environmental (S.H.E.) Works Consultant World Wide and also help run an IT business in the Southern Willamette Valley. I am a board member for a great little Non-Profit with property know as Triangle Lake Center (TLC). I am a Leader/Advocate for the Cascadia, Eugene Collaborative of the Living Future Insitiute (LFI) and all of their challanges. I am an ambassador for Tribal Convergence Network (TCN). I also train and coordinate Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) in my spare time. Nature and the out doors is my First Love. Sharing it with you is my passion. Namaste' Thomaste' Me @TBrave"
Kelan LeePotpisani: 04:43, 10/12/2017
Deanna KellyPotpisani: 02:47, 10/12/2017
Laura WellensPotpisani: 00:15, 10/12/2017
"Am looking for help with getting my house cleaned, uncluttered, and organized to start implementing ideas to promote Ubuntu movement. "
Christine Tuhy Potpisani: 16:11, 09/12/2017
"I am a poet and nurturer of the land. I speak and write about liberty, healing, and nonviolence."
Bruno NagelPotpisani: 04:15, 09/12/2017
Katherine SloanPotpisani: 06:10, 08/12/2017
" Interested in promoting the sharing economy- believing that there is truly more than enough to go around, with plenty left to spare, if we all participate. Locally involved with Kindista and the Sharing Connection in Eugene, Or. Invite you to participate as well. "
John WalshPotpisani: 08:01, 05/12/2017
Wahab HamidPotpisani: 21:20, 04/12/2017
Mayel DePotpisani: 17:47, 04/12/2017
Martin UllrichPotpisani: 07:22, 04/12/2017
Jean Pierre NDAGIJIMANAPotpisani: 07:00, 04/12/2017
"The world belongs to us."
Stig HarderPotpisani: 04:07, 04/12/2017
Daniela MagalhaesPotpisani: 01:28, 04/12/2017
" I am another you, I am a mother, I am love, I am everything, I am everywhere, I am Brazilian, I am a healer, I am a writer, I am an artist, I am a dancer, I am a drummer, I am music, I am a child, I am a leader, I am Gaia, I am a singer, I am nature, I am present, I am a reflection, I thankful and I am honored to be of service! "
Boštjan SernelPotpisani: 21:14, 03/12/2017
Luis RamosPotpisani: 20:57, 03/12/2017
Davor RogačPotpisani: 20:05, 03/12/2017

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