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Julia FröhlichPotpisani: 16:39, 08/02/2018
Jürgen StrauchPotpisani: 13:39, 07/02/2018
"so ungefähr habe ich mir einen Ansatz vorgestellt. Hier ist es schon sehr konkret.Danke"
Roland BrummePotpisani: 13:32, 07/02/2018
Christian RohlfPotpisani: 11:48, 07/02/2018
"lets change the world to the place it should be..."
Akos Friedrich PamerPotpisani: 10:02, 07/02/2018
"Nur Individualisten, aufgeschlossene Denker, mit Gefühl, sind faehig, eine menschliche Gesellschaft aufzubauen und regieren. Egoisten sind die Vernichtungswaffe. Der Kapitalismus war von Anfang an Konterselektionismus. Der sogenannte "Sozialismus" und der "Nationalsozialismus" waren Nebenprodukte des Idiotismus. Multiidiotismus ist das Vernichtungsprojekt."
Robert DobbinsPotpisani: 09:38, 07/02/2018
"All power to the people!"
Rassool SnymanPotpisani: 08:36, 07/02/2018
"the principles are great and will lead to a balance and harmonized existence on this journey we call life "
Bilal Yasin El-AminPotpisani: 01:08, 07/02/2018
"The principles stated herein are very closely reasoned arguments that probably cannot be successfully disputed. "
Shannon RomanPotpisani: 00:16, 07/02/2018
"I am a single mom with lots of interests, and struggling to provide a free-learning environment for my kid with the demands of work and school for myself, and the ever-increasing cost of living. I am fluent in American Sign Language, currently working toward becoming an interpreter. I also work with young children up to the age of 3 that have physical or intellectual delays or disabilities, and use play-based approaches to help them reach their milestones. I am also an eco-friendly jewelry maker, and currently have my pieces displayed on my facebook page: . I love art that supports equality, advocacy, and raising awareness on issues that are important to me. I would love to connect with any artists that are looking for models for these types of projects! I've worked in over 15 different industries, and am a quick learner. I even worked as a raw food chef. I would be happy to trade services in any way possible, and see if this community can support full"
Sherlon SmithPotpisani: 22:49, 06/02/2018
Mathew EddyPotpisani: 20:11, 06/02/2018
Sabine Luzie BroszeitPotpisani: 19:34, 06/02/2018
Oliver MelzerPotpisani: 18:12, 06/02/2018
Harsha VardhanPotpisani: 16:38, 06/02/2018
Richard Facer Potpisani: 15:37, 06/02/2018
Kelsaw Potawski Potpisani: 14:33, 06/02/2018
"Money didn't exist before man."
Nick SaviniPotpisani: 14:26, 06/02/2018
Trane DePriestPotpisani: 14:09, 06/02/2018
"I am in full agreement with these principles, and I advocate for similar ideas expressed in The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Green Party. I believe transitional efforts are underway through governance incubators like the Seasteading Institute project in French Polynesia and others."
Taylor JohnstonPotpisani: 13:34, 06/02/2018
"I have felt passionately about this for many years. People need to stop fearing the idea that this can and has to work and that helping each other thrive is not such a bad thing."
Shaweel AbimbolaPotpisani: 12:12, 06/02/2018
Olaf Rößler Potpisani: 10:48, 06/02/2018
"Für eine bessere Welt ohne Neid, Gier und Hass."
Kloi KloisenPotpisani: 09:57, 06/02/2018
"Genau das was ihr wollt ist mein Ziel :-) ich habe, seit Januar 2018, eine kleine Gruppe Gruppe auf Facebook - - und mit eurer Erlaubnis werde ich euch dort gleich vorstellen ;-)"
Danielle CamererPotpisani: 03:06, 06/02/2018
Coriander womackPotpisani: 21:39, 04/02/2018
Jonathan MarblePotpisani: 07:12, 04/02/2018
Christian VanwinklePotpisani: 21:13, 03/02/2018
Joe BetroPotpisani: 19:40, 02/02/2018
"I am commited to this! ☀️ "
Helmut WolmanPotpisani: 16:20, 02/02/2018
"Ein wichtiges Ziel ist auch, auf Prozesse und Entwicklungen zu schauen und nicht auf Zustände. Die frei, persönliche Entwicklung, ist für mich mindestens so wichtig, wie das Gemeinwohl aller. Und wenn die Prozesse stimmen, kommt das freiheitlich zusammen."
Juan GomezPotpisani: 16:12, 02/02/2018
Michael FitzpatrickPotpisani: 13:15, 02/02/2018
"A brilliant idea for a planet of people who choose to become enlightened and visualise who we truly are, beings of light on a human journey so let’s change the world to make our human experience on this planet one which values all human beings as one. "
Bobby LangerPotpisani: 11:24, 02/02/2018
"Hab das notwendige Impressum nicht entdeckt. "erkennt ihre Versorgunspflicht" muss natürlich heißen: "erkennt ihre Versorgungspflicht""
João NunesPotpisani: 19:07, 01/02/2018
"Procura o que te faz feliz"
Jenny AngaritaPotpisani: 16:55, 01/02/2018
Jenny AngaritaPotpisani: 16:54, 01/02/2018
Rebecca BartonPotpisani: 14:01, 01/02/2018
"I truly hope that one day the people see that the existing model is outdated. With this new approach the world could be beautiful again"
Paul FanePotpisani: 13:16, 01/02/2018
William ROSEPotpisani: 10:00, 01/02/2018
"If only this could happen in my lifetime."
Sylwester Dulewicz Potpisani: 00:31, 31/01/2018
"I agree!!! RT... No comments "
Ivan IlićPotpisani: 15:44, 30/01/2018
neil molesworthPotpisani: 01:42, 30/01/2018
"no positive change in this system,we have to change the whole system."
alison mcgandyPotpisani: 23:54, 29/01/2018
Tomasz OzdowskiPotpisani: 19:44, 29/01/2018
"Idea szczytna ale na ten moment trudno jest mi sobie wyobrazić jej realizację, a dodatkowo mam odczucie że twórcy tego statutu nie wiele wiedzą na temat mechanizmów działania współczesnego(wybitnie kiepskiego) systemu."
Nuno FerreiraPotpisani: 16:00, 29/01/2018
Will HillPotpisani: 14:28, 29/01/2018
Ian MacPheePotpisani: 10:33, 29/01/2018
"I Believe in You and the Natural Contributions you offer the World. Through Peace and Advanced thinking in an Awakened World, We can All make a difference Together. Equal opportunities,food, security and a warm place to sleep should be available to everyone.Namaste"
Lyra Sevencats Potpisani: 07:02, 29/01/2018
Terri Lee-ShieldPotpisani: 22:30, 28/01/2018
Aysha GriffinPotpisani: 20:03, 28/01/2018
Christopher GallegosPotpisani: 17:13, 28/01/2018
Henryk DelongPotpisani: 11:20, 28/01/2018

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