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Miles KendziorskiPotpisani: 10:03, 05/03/2018
"Who knows how much scientific potential to better our world we have already lost because of all the life that we've lost to poverty"
Curtis BennettPotpisani: 02:00, 05/03/2018
Arron CraftPotpisani: 22:32, 04/03/2018
Arron CraftPotpisani: 18:31, 04/03/2018
Tomass K.Potpisani: 14:56, 04/03/2018
"Being a human has always been confusing to me. Mostly because of the way we function. Simply doesn’t seem reasonable or fair to me. Borders, reward systems and all the ideologies that we ‘wear’ to justify them has caused and continue to cause way too much suffering. I think that with this age of technological advancements we have had an opportunity to take a better look at ourselves as whole and that simply upgrading our old ways is not enough. When I considered human potential and possible alternatives I came to somewhat similar views but quickly became discouraged by my pessimism. I am very glad to see that some didn’t. I hope that someday humans will be proud to be humans without deluding themselves, that we learn to make wiser decisions and to share this planet equally. We are potentially an amazing creature. I’ve seen it in my dreams, as I am sure - many of You have. Best of luck wherever time may take You."
Peter caklosPotpisani: 11:22, 04/03/2018
Suzana LažetaPotpisani: 07:58, 04/03/2018
M Marie McVeyPotpisani: 17:13, 03/03/2018
"All we need is a database/server and an app for personal feedback as "currency" while we slip into this new reality, and it will be a seamless change from the monetary system we have right now, making it easier for people to understand and be at ease with. It might be a hard transition for some due to social programming...."
Rui Pessoa Vaz de Figueiredo VasquesPotpisani: 16:58, 03/03/2018
"Muito obrigado pelo vosso manifesto por um mundo melhor. Juntos podemos mudar a consciência planetária e actuar para o equilibrio da nossa espécie."
Grzegorz JarzynaPotpisani: 13:37, 03/03/2018
me mePotpisani: 22:58, 02/03/2018
Walter FriedmannPotpisani: 10:34, 02/03/2018
Gabriel FrithPotpisani: 07:47, 02/03/2018
Ahmed MekaouchaPotpisani: 17:21, 01/03/2018
"I wish if everything in the world will be free and everybody do what ever he want to do, money make you do things you don't want to do just to make money. I hate money. "
Bernhard KristnerPotpisani: 08:34, 01/03/2018
"Es tut einfach gut diese Charta zu durchdenken!"
Lori McAllisterPotpisani: 01:04, 01/03/2018
Rick HillPotpisani: 19:43, 28/02/2018
"I also support Global Country of World Peace."
Jamie EdwardsPotpisani: 16:21, 28/02/2018
"This is the world I have always wanted to live in. We can all have paradise on earth. Everthing on this planet started out free to everyone. To be able to help each other without a piece of paper (fiat money) controlling our every move. When you're able to truley help someone, not feeling like you are forced or that it's just your job. Mental illnesses would decrease because the society we live in causes a lot of them. It's not how life was ment to be. Crime rates would drop dramatically and nobody would starve to death. So many people believe in the monetary system because that's just how it's always been, but this planet could be so much better for all humanity!"
Trevor BatiukPotpisani: 15:00, 28/02/2018
Eric Westacott-HariPotpisani: 12:39, 28/02/2018
"as the laws in most modern countries are under the rules of admirality law, we should hit them (those in office of power) with notices of liability!"
Mike WestacottPotpisani: 12:23, 28/02/2018
"I have had many doubts as to the future of our planet but you have now given me hope that there is another way that will preserve mankind"
Michele Caldeira chwalPotpisani: 20:25, 27/02/2018
Fabian SchenklPotpisani: 16:33, 27/02/2018
Lucas henrique PiPotpisani: 15:44, 27/02/2018
"Por uma sociedade sustentável, onde o capitalismo e a religião mascaram a autodestruição do nosso planeta por puro capricho e por puro desperdício, onde a futilidades reina na mente das pessoas manipuladas pelo sistema. Por uma ciência esclarecedora, por uma ciência do bem que fará nossa sociedade mudar o rumo e a cultura na forma de viver onde o valor real não será o dinheiro, e sim toda forma de vida. Por um mundo melhor!"
Heather WingfieldPotpisani: 14:27, 27/02/2018
steven golayPotpisani: 11:51, 27/02/2018
Sree OgguPotpisani: 07:50, 27/02/2018
"You are on the dot with your observations and articulations of the same"
Rogerio AguiarPotpisani: 00:22, 27/02/2018
Trish Harris Potpisani: 14:45, 26/02/2018
Rosan StuijtPotpisani: 10:47, 26/02/2018
Edgar MejiaPotpisani: 00:55, 26/02/2018
"I love what your website states and I am fully in to the change in how we all live . The time for change has comes."
manoj thanPotpisani: 21:53, 25/02/2018
"thank you for your good-work for world-peace-sustainability WPS"
Andrea SpeierPotpisani: 21:36, 24/02/2018
August LetonjaPotpisani: 20:02, 24/02/2018
Hilde De VosPotpisani: 19:44, 24/02/2018
EVA NOVARPotpisani: 18:43, 24/02/2018
"ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL! "
kavelynn khawPotpisani: 18:00, 24/02/2018
Karolin HartmanmPotpisani: 13:26, 24/02/2018
Pissed OffPotpisani: 08:47, 23/02/2018
"With regard to this I would use the phrase "forward to recovery". I don't live in Scotland!!"
Iain ClarkPotpisani: 07:20, 23/02/2018
kavelynn khawPotpisani: 14:29, 22/02/2018
"want to meet new people and i like the idea of moneyless society. this is how the world should be!"
Stephen SelamolelaPotpisani: 22:34, 21/02/2018
"Money and self interest - the twin evil of poverty and inequality! Worldly riches are not forever...(but our Lord) by His divine power has (freely) bestowed upon us all things that pertain to life..."
Juan GonzalezPotpisani: 20:14, 21/02/2018
Florian Tamaș Potpisani: 20:07, 21/02/2018
ana marta wicher amwicherPotpisani: 18:21, 21/02/2018
Darren WilliamsPotpisani: 04:42, 21/02/2018
"It is imperative that humans reconnect with nature and their divine mother of creation; the earth which not only hosts our life, but ALL life. It's ironic to see that majority of humankind knows they're trying to survive, yet seem to forget that so are all other species and forms of life on this plane(t)."
Kaye HandleyPotpisani: 03:06, 21/02/2018
"I agree, open to the idea and available to take part and would love to know how."
Dr. Heidrun EckertPotpisani: 22:14, 20/02/2018
"Ich stimmer voll damit überein, dass bedürftigen Menschen in ihrem eigenen Kulturkreis geholfen wird, dass auch ein gewisser Austausch inspirierend ist, doch befürworte ich keine schrakenlose Durchmischung der Kulturen und keine Aufgabe der eigenen Identität."
Philip AlbinPotpisani: 20:43, 20/02/2018
Mira LaLunePotpisani: 18:34, 20/02/2018

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