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EVANDRO PEREIRA DOS SANTOSPotpisani: 20:31, 24/01/2019
ibrahim dahroujPotpisani: 23:40, 23/01/2019
Jodi FilerPotpisani: 20:56, 23/01/2019
"Less selfishness, more selflessness! End the Fed-let's start over, smarter!"
Sandra Graas-krook Potpisani: 17:18, 22/01/2019
Angela PereiraPotpisani: 15:57, 22/01/2019
Mahbubur RahmanPotpisani: 05:36, 22/01/2019
"Free all humanity."
Kavita ByrdPotpisani: 09:24, 21/01/2019
Asha PollokPotpisani: 22:46, 19/01/2019
"How can it get any better than that"
Theodore James Kerg IV TheoPotpisani: 21:52, 19/01/2019
"Economics should be the numerical value placed on what we render from Earth hence ecology or ecosystem. Econonomics has become a sociological blasphemy that deals with aspects that don't relate to the symbolism pronounced in the initial narrative in which the very word "economy" should forshadow. "
Nicola GattiPotpisani: 20:54, 19/01/2019
Didier GOUGEONPotpisani: 16:57, 19/01/2019

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