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Daniel BrownPotpisani: 05:13, 13/06/2019
Hollie SharplingPotpisani: 13:23, 12/06/2019
Denise Carvalho LamatschPotpisani: 01:29, 12/06/2019
manahil hPotpisani: 17:13, 11/06/2019
DAVI MACHADOPotpisani: 03:06, 11/06/2019
Yukari MomotaPotpisani: 01:44, 11/06/2019
Aleksander KoszewskiPotpisani: 17:51, 08/06/2019
"Climate change is the most serious problem right now. If nothing changes we, ourselves and our surroundings are doomed by 2050(estimated by scientists, might be just a propaganda date). Our culture, advancement, history and legacy will be shattered and lost. A minor bits of it will be recovered, yet misunderstood thousands of years later. Reminds You something? History teaches us that it repeats itself. And it also shows that big extinctions had place many times on earth. This time it will be the worst. Climate change is just a beginning, it will cause migrations, that will cause military conflicts. Our earth will be a dry, toxic wasteland, covered with bodies, plastic, blood, excrement and radiation. I don't know if what you propose is the solution but something must be done before it's too late."
Melvin SitholePotpisani: 14:28, 07/06/2019
Bruce BerryPotpisani: 12:44, 07/06/2019
M.Matt "Tree" HeckertPotpisani: 06:10, 07/06/2019
"The Future Is In Our Hands..."
Marciano Acordi Pereira PEREIRAPotpisani: 01:41, 07/06/2019
RAIDA ALIAJPotpisani: 15:28, 06/06/2019
HAROLD ARRINGTONPotpisani: 08:18, 05/06/2019
"I wish we could have this in our life time. Money makes ppl mean. And i don't want to be the product of my environment. I am so scared of the world yet i do nothing to help. I see alot of things and have many solutions but they cost sooooo much money. I think payment is just contribution to society. Profit is everyone benefiting you know."
Jeroen KleinPotpisani: 09:41, 04/06/2019
"I have had the exact same feelings for a few years and was planning on writing something down. After deciding to check what is already available I could see a large part has already been written down by others. I am really glad to see that I am not alone in this and will continue to work out the details and spread the word. Thank you for writing down this in clear and easy to read points."
Dakota PallierPotpisani: 04:36, 03/06/2019
Patricia MendoncaPotpisani: 02:12, 03/06/2019
Andy KirkhamPotpisani: 15:42, 31/05/2019
Jan ČučukPotpisani: 21:38, 30/05/2019
Jan ČučukPotpisani: 21:28, 30/05/2019
Dirk OrtmannPotpisani: 14:51, 30/05/2019
Gifty ContehPotpisani: 08:19, 30/05/2019
Joshua WashburnPotpisani: 00:16, 30/05/2019
John van SoestPotpisani: 15:19, 29/05/2019
Adam GocPotpisani: 07:46, 29/05/2019
"Accept this decision Make a world bether and great again "
Rea Elizabeth TaylorPotpisani: 04:55, 29/05/2019
Esther WelmanPotpisani: 23:11, 28/05/2019
Heidi CoddPotpisani: 20:51, 28/05/2019
"Yes! Yes! And YES!!! Get rid of money! Humanity’s greatest limiter. "
Ayla AnnacPotpisani: 15:02, 28/05/2019
Elizabeth FinlayPotpisani: 10:50, 28/05/2019
Athena DiakosPotpisani: 09:12, 28/05/2019
Jane LloydPotpisani: 09:05, 28/05/2019
"This is the way forward."
tom nyePotpisani: 09:02, 28/05/2019
jeevan raiPotpisani: 13:10, 27/05/2019
Carliane SouzaPotpisani: 23:16, 26/05/2019
Ygor talysson TarigaPotpisani: 18:49, 26/05/2019
Nataly CanoPotpisani: 04:46, 26/05/2019
Chiara Tomasi Potpisani: 12:40, 25/05/2019
Richard MotiPotpisani: 18:04, 24/05/2019
"I want this to happen a.s.a.p. I demand change. Fuck the corporations and multinationals."
Heaven Jay ListonPotpisani: 09:36, 24/05/2019
"I'm just 17 year old boy.I seen the video YouTube about this Charter thingy."
Paulo R. TrivellatoPotpisani: 22:22, 23/05/2019
Sidnei Gonçalves SidneyddosPotpisani: 21:38, 23/05/2019
Margarida BarrotePotpisani: 20:13, 23/05/2019
"Na escola preparam-nos para o futuro mas eu pergunto-me ,qual futuro?"
Joao DiasPotpisani: 15:28, 22/05/2019
"obrigado por embora todo o "desgaste" que a terra tem vindo a ter. voces tem conseguido mudar muitas rotinas, para que este mundo continue a ser o que sempre foi e nao simplesmente mais um planeta desabitado."
Victor RojasPotpisani: 02:48, 21/05/2019
Erika ZichorskyPotpisani: 02:11, 21/05/2019
Lilu KrippendorfPotpisani: 19:16, 20/05/2019
Wadah ElsiddigPotpisani: 05:41, 20/05/2019
Donald SimonPotpisani: 01:21, 20/05/2019
"I was always in the thought of a world without money, and how much greater Humanity could be to each other if we took away all the greed of money. I was pretty excited to learn about the because before then I thought I was the only person who thought that way."
A.Carlos A.J.Potpisani: 16:38, 19/05/2019
Tom ReichlingPotpisani: 11:33, 19/05/2019

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