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Pedro FigueiredoPotpisani: 17:31, 17/07/2011
"Very good perspective... but! How will we mediate greed for control? Everyone would have to accept the system and give to get... but it was that human nature that first put our banks up (a little like the alpha leader phenomenon, money has been manipulated to create a system that distributes power) IF it is mediated... then we would have some sort of government/rulings and the whole idea crumbles... In sum, the only problem is that it is not in our nature to have collective responsibility. And even if people's rationalism would strive to keep that up (which is theoretically possible)... who would mediate those who fail to keep it? How would you assert accountability for whom breaks the responsibility? It is a tricky but honest question... but as people run from taxes because they want to have more... they would also try to break such system just because they want to have more then the media. The truth is... life aint pritty and this is just a dream."

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