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"Načinimo sve besplatnim i slobodnim"

Sylvie VAUDELLEPotpisani: 19:26, 14/01/2013
"Since I was a little girl, I have been imagining the future of our planet just as described above. Recently I became aware of the "Venus Project" founded by Jacque Fresco. When I try to expose my views and hopes about this future, I encounter a lot of resistance that I believe is do to the incapacity to visualize a positive and fluid TRANSITION from our society as we know it into this future civilization without a collective accord. I think that this charter is a very positive even if small start towards this transition. Because it will take a lot more distribution of this type of persuasive education and a unified awakening of conscienceless for our EARTH to evolute in the right direction. One human at a time "

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