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"Načinimo sve besplatnim i slobodnim"

Nikolai Elmskov HansenPotpisani: 11:44, 23/07/2012
"Ever since I was a teenager, I've always felt something was wrong, as I anticipate many of my age and state of mind have shared. Throughout my teenage years I was indoctrinated into cultures and lifestyles that were not my own, I was forced into systems I could barely understand and comprehend, I was shoved through the grinder that our system is. Here, at the age of 22, years after I finished public school, I'm still out of a job and still heart-broken at the way our world seemingly works. People are being destroyed by this aged system everyday, either physically, mentally, directly or indirectly and they still commit to the daily race in pursuit of a token of worth of which to repay their "debt" and bills? I met a woman a while ago who told me; "People today have become so impersonal. Whatever happened to working to live, rather than living to work?" "

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