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Jesper Yde KjrPotpisani: 16:43, 09/04/2011
"I do have some concerns of number 5. Im an idealist but also a realist. Fx. Who gets the house in the mundane neigbourhood and who gets the house with a large lush garden and a lake-veiw? Who decides this, and can we honestly think the curruption will end along with money based economy? I say no, People in places of Power will always have to fight against going currupt. So, if everyone is to have a fair share in all ressources, do you tear down the great mansion and do all, or no one, get a lakeveiw residens? I do not believe that by eliminating money, all our problems with equality and power currup will go away or correct them selves. I do howevere think it is an important step. You will never be able to obtain true equality in these matters, instead there would have to be a specifik number of PP (personal points) fx. 100 Then if you value a lovely garden, you can wish for a house with that, but it takes up more points then a small city dwelling. Keep up your good work"

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