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"Načinimo sve besplatnim i slobodnim"

Sebastian Schmidt NielsenPotpisani: 15:26, 18/04/2012
"The world is addicted to a wrong pattern of behaviour that has manifested itself over 10.000 years. Imagine being addicted to tobacco or heroin for 10.000 years and having to stop. No doctors telling you that this is killing you. We are killing the planet ourselves and all other life in this world by our conduct. We ourselves are realising “my God I am killing myself and all others, I need to stop!” Mankind and life in general is metaphorically or literally in the midst of a miscarriage or a birth. A new paradise won't come easy. New life forms don't come easy. Massive injustice and bloodshed through inequality and poverty. Revolution is not a strong enough term to describe what is bound to happen. But birth!"

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