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Više nije futuristički utopijski san - svet bez novca, svet pravog izobilja - ostvariv je danas. Otkrij zašto nam je potreban, kako će raditi, zašto će raditi i kako da stignemo do njega.

Ocene čitalaca:

"Stylishly well-written and clear, Colin exposes our economy and its effects beyond mere credit-generation and accounting and, as well as showing the unsustainability of our current outdated system, offers a sensible, healthy alternative for right now, rather than some distant future. Quite a feat!"

"This is an absolutely essential book that everyone should read. Please read it, free your minds and help free the world."

"Short, clear, concise, to the point, what's amazing with this book is that it tackles difficult social issues which the best human minds have been struggling with through history and exposes in about 100 pages a solution so simple, humane and intuitive that anybody can grasp it. The open economy seems self-evident once we clear our minds of preconceived values."

"We need books like this on the national curriculum of all schools around the world."

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Iskusi evoluciju čovečanstva iznad novca

Experience the extraordinary last days and countdown to humanity's evolution beyond money. How one man's refusal to bow to the system becomes the catalyst for a global metamorphosis. F-Day is a high octane political thriller loaded with a powerful message – infused with a heady dose of realism.

Ocene čitalaca:

"F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man is well written, well postulated and well worth buying. I finished the book in just a couple of days and it was everything I hoped it would be."

"Brilliant! A roller coaster of a story that is perfect for anyone that cares about the future. I MEAN REALLY CARES ABOUT THE FUTURE!"

"Fast-paced and exciting, this book could easily be a screenplay for a Hollywood action drama. Conspiracies! Danger! And amidst all that, hope for a better tomorrow."

"An excellent work of fiction based on something very real, the concept of a moneyless world. Often, non fiction books about social issues and 'political' ideas can get a bit tiresome for some, but by placing these issues in a fast moving and highly readable story, Colin Turner brings the resource based economy ideas to a mainstream audience."

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