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Vini vernagalloAssinou: 19:53, 05/08/2018
Stéphanie ROGERAssinou: 21:37, 03/08/2018
Alvin Robertson IIIAssinou: 15:58, 03/08/2018
Alec D'Hollander Assinou: 00:13, 03/08/2018
Victoria LoveAssinou: 17:06, 01/08/2018
"Practical Sustainability is the ability to discern actual need, determine available resources and create a viable system for meeting the gap."
Shelby EvansAssinou: 16:38, 31/07/2018
Sandy WalterAssinou: 14:46, 31/07/2018
Wenderson RamonAssinou: 10:43, 28/07/2018
Ger MeijerAssinou: 09:08, 28/07/2018
Md.wahiduzzaman TAMMY Assinou: 19:43, 27/07/2018
Joseph duranAssinou: 23:58, 26/07/2018
Toby LundAssinou: 16:10, 26/07/2018
"Thank you to all people involved in creating this charter!"
Ken EvansAssinou: 16:49, 25/07/2018
"I signed this charter many years ago. I've never wavered form it's principles. You could say I'm just "renewing my vow". Keep Moving toward the future!"
Karin LacyAssinou: 01:56, 25/07/2018
Miguel PinhoAssinou: 10:34, 24/07/2018
Carlos LecarosAssinou: 21:39, 23/07/2018
Bruno LacerdaAssinou: 18:16, 23/07/2018
MarYa DanYAssinou: 14:23, 23/07/2018
"~ dieser Planet ☼IST☼ ausersehn ~ ~ das ZENtralParadies ~ ~ ALLLER Welten zu SEIN !!! ~ ~ ∞ ~ Danke ~ ∞ ~ "
Nicky GoitomAssinou: 03:38, 23/07/2018
Kleyder Régis Mendes Faria KleyderAssinou: 02:34, 23/07/2018
Malin EklöfAssinou: 20:23, 22/07/2018
Aleksandar PešićAssinou: 19:01, 22/07/2018
Aeon PhloAssinou: 17:16, 22/07/2018
"Livingearthsolutiins.com "
Maria SkogquistAssinou: 16:02, 22/07/2018
Elisabeth OhlsonAssinou: 10:38, 22/07/2018
Eric SaveyAssinou: 10:32, 22/07/2018
Steve HuebnerAssinou: 04:35, 22/07/2018
"Yes I agree, and this is in Fact God's way in the 7 Superuniverses Omniverse, Universe as a whole"
John JonesAssinou: 17:22, 21/07/2018
"So many questions on how to use 'however many current signatories?' to begin the first steps. "
Mateusz GrabowskiAssinou: 14:49, 20/07/2018
Melinda MaxfieldAssinou: 01:46, 20/07/2018
A.C A.CAssinou: 18:42, 19/07/2018
"I feel this is idealistic. Something everyone is deprived but I also feel not enough would be up for it die to the attachment of the broken system. Just think out loud."
Quinn FowlerAssinou: 14:42, 19/07/2018
"We should've made everything free a long time ago. The great depression should've been the great succession. Epic fail! All the work was done. This means everything was earned for everyone. But instead of mass retirement, we got mass poverty. We should only put a price on goods that are limited in supply. Or just share more. Even though we now have too much, many people still regularly refuse to lower prices, and even have the audacity to increase them... The majority of people on this planet are unacceptably ignorant of how things work. I fail to see how signing a charter can help change that. But I'll sign anyway."
Rubén QuíoAssinou: 22:23, 18/07/2018
Lada SejrkováAssinou: 23:51, 17/07/2018
Todd PritzAssinou: 04:53, 17/07/2018
Celio Marques CelioAssinou: 23:26, 16/07/2018
Vignesh AvasaralaAssinou: 23:00, 16/07/2018
"Looking forward to the times when the free world charter will be a living reality. Guided from within to work towards this end, which will be the dawn of a new golden age upon Mother Earth. Lots of love, Vignesh Avasarala"
Anne BrüningAssinou: 22:19, 16/07/2018
Ada StonioAssinou: 22:10, 16/07/2018
Willmer Antonio Sànchez MendietaAssinou: 18:47, 16/07/2018
"En teoría lo que nos diferencia de los demás seres es; ser seres pensantes. ese coeficiente intelectual superior debería ser suficiente para preservar la vida humana y todos los demás seres vivos, cuidar nuestro hogar (planeta), sin embargo la realidad es otra... necesitamos científicos que estudien esos preceptos y encontremos una solución. el control de masas esta para enriquecer a unos pocos... ¿porque, no desaparecemos el dinero? así no tendrían que acumular..."
Linda JoslinAssinou: 11:41, 16/07/2018
elena tsonouAssinou: 19:42, 15/07/2018
Beverly AlarconAssinou: 16:02, 15/07/2018
Giovanni PotitoAssinou: 10:04, 15/07/2018
Bev AlarconAssinou: 08:58, 15/07/2018
Fabio BaroneAssinou: 16:22, 13/07/2018
Glen SalterAssinou: 10:15, 13/07/2018
"Our capitalist society fosters greed and is fuelled my exploitation, It suppresses our creativity, freedom, and fulfilment. I want, not to feel like a resource for a corrupt system, but instead be a member and contributor to a better world "
CARLA FERREIRAAssinou: 01:18, 13/07/2018
Donald SwensonAssinou: 18:38, 12/07/2018
"Visit my website for details on a 💰 less world. http://kingdomecon.wordpress.com "

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