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"F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man is well written, well postulated and well worth buying. I finished the book in just a couple of days and it was everything I hoped it would be."
"Brilliant! A roller coaster of a story that is perfect for anyone that cares about the future. I MEAN REALLY CARES ABOUT THE FUTURE!"
"Fast-paced and exciting, this book could easily be a screenplay for a Hollywood action drama. Conspiracies! Danger! And amidst all that, hope for a better tomorrow."
"An excellent work of fiction based on something very real, the concept of a moneyless world. Often, non fiction books about social issues and 'political' ideas can get a bit tiresome for some, but by placing these issues in a fast moving and highly readable story, Colin Turner brings the resource based economy ideas to a mainstream audience."
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." – R. Buckminster Fuller
Sharebay is a searchable people-powered economy that operates on the principle of free-sharing. There's no trade, credits or barter, and it's completely free to use!
Furniture, electronics, professional services, technical skills, accommodation, tool-sharing... you name it, you can find it on Sharebay.
Whoever has the most money has the loudest voice, which is why the advertising industry is so huge. But what about all those great causes who have an important message to share and no budget to spend on advertising? How do you get that message out there?
The idea of donating money towards a cause whose aim is to free the world of money does seem a bit ironic, but this is the reality of our current system. It really is the most effective way to help us spread our message.
We Will Be Free (Song)
Find out more about an Open Access Economy
The Free World Charter proposes an Open Access Economy - an alternative method of organising human society without the limitations of trade and markets to ensure that every person's needs are met without condition.
To find out more about an Open Access Economy, please visit our
wiki page.
TEDx Talk by founder Colin R. Turner
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