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Sandra QuartuccioUnterzeichnet: 21:39, 02/10/2012
Marzia FalconeUnterzeichnet: 10:45, 27/09/2012
PIERANGELO RIVELLINIUnterzeichnet: 19:27, 26/09/2012
Giuseppe MennellaUnterzeichnet: 08:35, 26/09/2012
"sapere se esiste un piano di gestione dei beni o se possa esistere una sola classe senza privilegi individuali "
Elisa SiboldiUnterzeichnet: 00:06, 26/09/2012
Andrea BacchettiUnterzeichnet: 16:52, 24/09/2012
marco saglioUnterzeichnet: 00:43, 24/09/2012
ernesto castellaniUnterzeichnet: 22:40, 23/09/2012
Curzio CarlàUnterzeichnet: 14:35, 23/09/2012
"Money is only a jail for mind...nobody is free if our needs are linked to money. "
Lorenzo MasiUnterzeichnet: 14:08, 22/09/2012
Patrick Edgar ReginiUnterzeichnet: 19:51, 21/09/2012
"Trust, Education, Sincerity, Emigration, Language, Productivity. I am very interested in participating and having in depth discussions, as well as a chance to contribute and collaborate to the development of this philosphy. The idea is certainly now new. People who have understood how swiftly easy it is to avoid dealing with and facing our shortcomings and our pains or "evils" through the conspiring combination of money and power, have been conceiving for over a hundred years ways in which we can maintain "all this", continue progressing and not use cash any more. They would always end up coming up with some kind of moral system system of duty because the origin of our nature had never been reached. It is a very interesting discussion, one which I would enjoy tremendously being involved in face to face, in an assembly or gathering of some kind. I feel I have seen the source area, and the irremediable facts of our singular predicament as a species. And yes, there is a better way"
maria paganoUnterzeichnet: 12:42, 21/09/2012
Christina LechnerUnterzeichnet: 19:37, 19/09/2012
andrea Lo ReUnterzeichnet: 00:14, 17/09/2012
"Il mondo e di tutti , e'ora di fare un salto successivo di evoluzione .. riappropriamoci di tutto cio 'di cui habbiamo bisogno. vivere in armonia nella luce. ritorniamo a casa. "
francesca dalla benettaUnterzeichnet: 15:34, 16/09/2012
"thanks for the Charter!"
manuel manoxUnterzeichnet: 18:55, 10/09/2012
Isabella PesariniUnterzeichnet: 10:45, 08/09/2012
oliviero barboglioUnterzeichnet: 19:44, 06/09/2012
Gianluca Boi lucaUnterzeichnet: 21:17, 05/09/2012
Maria Diana Maria DianaUnterzeichnet: 12:36, 05/09/2012
antonio primativoUnterzeichnet: 18:29, 04/09/2012
tito santanaUnterzeichnet: 14:28, 04/09/2012
"Search about "magnetic motor", it's a free and perpetual energy idea, so better than solar, wind etc: http://peswiki.com/ Energia gratutita, illimitata e pulita: http://youtu.be/-Qq-eOLlDWY PC Windows open source: http://www.reactos.org/ More at my italian site: tito76.webs.com"
Astrid Maria Alvernia HernandezUnterzeichnet: 14:38, 03/09/2012
massimo gandolfiUnterzeichnet: 09:16, 03/09/2012
Andrea B.Unterzeichnet: 21:45, 30/08/2012
"Quando si comincia?"
antonio antonioUnterzeichnet: 22:34, 29/08/2012
"spero che tutto questo non sia e resti un utopia,grandi talenti,inventori,e scopritori,sono spariti,perchè davano fastidio ai capi. è tutta una presa in giro,nel minore delle ipotisi,es.agenzie per l'impiego,annunci falsi, o sistemi per trattenere le persone quanto più tempo possibile su di un determinato sito. qiuindi sono sempre i più bisognosi che pagano. basta alla disonestà."
Monica MontinUnterzeichnet: 13:15, 29/08/2012
Luna SpadaUnterzeichnet: 09:51, 29/08/2012
lorenzo ballettaUnterzeichnet: 05:57, 29/08/2012
giuseppe nistriUnterzeichnet: 00:12, 29/08/2012
giuseppe cirrilloUnterzeichnet: 23:41, 28/08/2012
Marta MaggiUnterzeichnet: 21:22, 28/08/2012
CINZIA MAINIUnterzeichnet: 11:58, 28/08/2012
Giulio GaigherUnterzeichnet: 11:01, 28/08/2012
Tiziana MezzettiUnterzeichnet: 10:46, 28/08/2012
Nonome davideUnterzeichnet: 00:39, 28/08/2012
fabio santucciUnterzeichnet: 00:06, 28/08/2012
"would be the dream and the salvation of the human being, an end to war, an end to the deaths of thousands of children who die today ... is not facile.Come do you spegare that the only paradise is the land in which we live ..."
Umberto TruppaUnterzeichnet: 20:11, 27/08/2012
"I totally agree with all 10 points in question. I agree with pleasure."
Alina BenedettiUnterzeichnet: 20:03, 27/08/2012
Andrea TolinUnterzeichnet: 19:20, 27/08/2012
"Free people in Free World without bootless money!! :-D"
mily mauriniUnterzeichnet: 15:10, 27/08/2012
Giuseppe RimiUnterzeichnet: 14:09, 27/08/2012
Rinaldo PaceUnterzeichnet: 12:54, 27/08/2012
francesco boccapianolaUnterzeichnet: 12:19, 27/08/2012
Dennis IrscharaUnterzeichnet: 21:12, 21/08/2012
ugo caraccioloUnterzeichnet: 09:29, 21/08/2012
"grazie per tutto quello che fate"
Matteo BraminiUnterzeichnet: 21:43, 20/08/2012
Maria Cristina Di MascioUnterzeichnet: 20:02, 20/08/2012
"Sono felice di far parte LO STATUTO DEL MONDO LIBERO. Però vorrei essere sincera con voi, io sono una persona disabile in una carrozzina, non posso assolutamente camminare. La mia disabilità è al 100%. Ma se posso essere utile in qualche modo, con il computer fatemelo sapere. Grazie di cuore. Un abbraccio."
Michele GesùUnterzeichnet: 13:40, 18/08/2012
"I'm happy to know that anyone is tring to make something for our future. Humanity is tired, and even angry, because it starts to know that there are more alternatives to this model of the world. I'm sure that other billion people will sign as I did. It's incredible the blindness of the groups of power that drive our poor world. They don't want to apply the only existing truth : Our world has not a backup ! It's the only land on wich they also can live ! "
alessandro coccoUnterzeichnet: 11:22, 18/08/2012

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