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Davíð JónssonUnterzeichnet: 22:13, 25/10/2012
"I agree with most of these about time revolutionary ideas but one must start from within, and then do something material to fulfill the ideological, a person, a house, a town, a country, the world. Good luck in your adventure towards freedom. Respectfully Davíð Jónsson "
Adrian VosUnterzeichnet: 13:58, 21/10/2012
"Being already a member of Zeitgeist and supporter of the Venus Project, I fully agree and support this charter!"
Thelma BjörkUnterzeichnet: 13:26, 15/07/2012
Kristófer SighvatssonUnterzeichnet: 10:12, 15/07/2012
alvia miakodaUnterzeichnet: 20:48, 10/07/2012
Ágúst Atli AtlasonUnterzeichnet: 05:24, 10/07/2012
Birgir BjörnssonUnterzeichnet: 13:19, 06/07/2012
"I like this idea, I think it can work and in the positive future it will."
Brynjólfur GunnarssonUnterzeichnet: 12:47, 06/07/2012
"Money is just the governmets way of controlling the people it swore to serve. By SERVING they mean CONTROLLING."
Telma TorfadóttirUnterzeichnet: 00:14, 06/07/2012
Raven OcpUnterzeichnet: 14:32, 05/07/2012
Karen Ósk GuðmundsdóttirUnterzeichnet: 14:05, 05/07/2012
Einar WestlundUnterzeichnet: 13:22, 05/07/2012
Equi ArcturusUnterzeichnet: 06:11, 09/03/2012
Birgit JonasUnterzeichnet: 20:59, 06/03/2012
"I pray, I meditate, I intend Freedom for ALL, everyday. How happy the whole world will be - and it is truly possible. The thing is," the truth shall set you free" (Jeshua) there are still those looking for power and war and they have to be taken out of here and into prison. Otherwise I do not think it is possible. We had wonderful societies until Cesar came along or the Catholic Church. But I truly believe its the right time now, it is 2012 and we are to make a jump in consciousness - as predicted. We are already in the middle of it. In Love and Light - Blessings to all!"
brynjar oddgeirssonUnterzeichnet: 18:46, 02/03/2012
Xabier Tejero LandaUnterzeichnet: 11:45, 22/01/2012
boujot nicolasUnterzeichnet: 02:44, 10/01/2012
Paweł OstrowskiUnterzeichnet: 19:39, 08/01/2012
Steinunn StefánsdóttirUnterzeichnet: 13:29, 15/11/2011
Vilhjálmur Hjaltalín JónssonUnterzeichnet: 00:03, 03/11/2011
Gunnar BergmannUnterzeichnet: 01:49, 29/10/2011
"There is no need to save the Planet Earth, she has already survived many ordeals and life has always been sustained in evolution. It´s a matter of saving the Human race from the voluntary path of self destruction."
Magnus Orri GrimssonUnterzeichnet: 01:09, 27/10/2011
"No money and free energy, not solarpanels or windmills but real free energy without big infastructures, we need tech from John Searl, Stan Meyer, John Keelly, Victor Shauberger, Wilhelm Reich, Nicola Tesla, Marko Rodin and last but not least Walter Russell. And we need to free our minds or "loose" our minds, stay in the "now" with practicing the "Power of Now" with Eckhart Tolle"
Hilmar Thor OskarssonUnterzeichnet: 23:41, 25/10/2011
Ívar Örn ReynissonUnterzeichnet: 22:56, 25/10/2011
Oli BenUnterzeichnet: 17:03, 25/10/2011
Stefán Már AngantýssonUnterzeichnet: 15:27, 25/10/2011
"This is reality... it gives me such great hope :)"
Örn LúðvíkssonUnterzeichnet: 15:10, 25/10/2011
Finnbogi HalldórssonUnterzeichnet: 14:54, 25/10/2011
Birna HelgudóttirUnterzeichnet: 14:52, 25/10/2011
Arnar Valur JónssonUnterzeichnet: 13:45, 25/10/2011
"If only more people could imagine that Iceland could be the lead nation to abolish money, All this energy (geo-thermal, tidal etc) water and knowledge. Iceland could create the sinkhole that will lead to the fall of the monetary system."
Þórður JóhannssonUnterzeichnet: 13:39, 25/10/2011
Hlynur Páll PálssonUnterzeichnet: 13:16, 27/09/2011
Alexander RobertsUnterzeichnet: 09:57, 27/09/2011
"I want to hear and discuss more about this."
Kristófer JökullUnterzeichnet: 02:29, 28/08/2011
Hjálmar Thor JensenUnterzeichnet: 19:25, 15/07/2011
"These are beautiful ideas but the most powerful people in the world draw their power from the financial system we seek to abolish, they won't let go of their power just like that. "
Andri KjartanUnterzeichnet: 14:20, 15/07/2011
Kristján IngólfssonUnterzeichnet: 00:34, 15/07/2011
randver péturssonUnterzeichnet: 16:49, 12/05/2011
Bruno John Roy SchelvisUnterzeichnet: 19:31, 30/04/2011
Guðmundur TómassonUnterzeichnet: 02:13, 30/04/2011
icha japkeUnterzeichnet: 23:44, 28/04/2011
"keep the good work"
Rúnar ReynissonUnterzeichnet: 00:35, 12/04/2011
"There is nothing that I want more for me, my family and everybody else for that matter then to live in a world that has these principles as a forefront in decision making in the future"
Marta BirgittaUnterzeichnet: 15:16, 09/04/2011

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