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Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro S.K.Y.Unterzeichnet: 05:29, 30/12/2015
"The world as we know it is being tortured by money. Everything is limited and everyone on Earth become obsess with their greediness and stupidity. Life has become worse and worse everyday. Money even created economical/financial gap. Grouping the people to social order and make the world a worse place to live and left psychological scars to the society. In my opinion, create sustainability, educate next generation, and innovate the future is the most important thing that should be done. On the other hand, money must not be an obligation for everyone to have, instead use it if needed. For example, we know that food, clothes, healthcare, education, and place to live is needed for everyone with additional to telecommunication devices, so it must be provided freely, and other things which is not an obligation may be regulated by monetary law or other regulation to provide it. So, I think we must create a right system without money as an obligation for anyone in it to create a better living"

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