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Hanne HersethUnterzeichnet: 17:08, 23/09/2014
"The animals are living like everything is shared (like food), why can't we? I've been in this body nd observed this world for 19 years, and I realize that everything is free to use, if you want to use it. The world is ours, and therefore I mean that the free world charter is absolutely a better way to make a society. I love the fact that we are many people with different ideas and so on, but what all of us is forgetting, is that in the end we are all one big thought. We share each thought, and therefore I can't understand why people are so f*ing mean to each other, why they are doing all of this things that is bad for us? Brainwashed people. I have always been prepared for this, without knowing. Prepared to live a life in harmony, peace and share everything WE (the world) owns! My greatest wish is to see this happens, and you guys literally read my mind about this site. I have imagined this site in my head, that I want to write to people to make them understand the situation. Mail me"

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