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Kathrin HandlerUnterzeichnet: 20:01, 25/08/2014
"Trying to be as responsible as possible even for those who appreciate money more than life itself. Money is a game, well played by those who are rich or being pushed into modern slavery, where humanity and childhood as much as parenthood experiences are being ab- and misused for the sake of the "society" meaning those who have money, because they can buy time. So is having money possible for everybody? If not, if you take your time or don't conform, you're being pushed out and may never be looked at again. What is this ? Modern genetic elimination, just because some have very much money? Let's hope some day they eat their own shit because there will be no universe or space to contain or sustain them, even with the highest technology, they need a somewhere, a place and at least a little energy to support their system, or else they cease to exist. And let's hope they choose their people right."

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