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Daniel NaranjoUnterzeichnet: 13:00, 13/08/2013
""Humans are the only species that pay in order to live in earth", We must understand that we are part of this planet, we are part of nature, and we must ensure the equilibrium in this planet. Since when the dream of human is to be millionaire? Why we need more stuff to be happy? Why we need the latest tech even if has no relevant upgrades? WHY DO WE THINK WE OWN SOMETHING? WHY WAR?.................... THINK FOR YOURSELF! SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! LOVE EVERYONE LIKE YOU LOVE YOURSELF! EARTH IS OUR HOME LETS KEEP IT CLEAN AND BORDERLESS. "PORPOUSE ON EARTH IS TO LIVE IN PEACE AND ARMONY, THOSE WHO KNOW THIS DONT FIGHT AGAINST EACH OTHER" BUDDHA... "

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