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Branislav RebićUnterzeichnet: 13:39, 12/03/2013
"This is an action worth of praise, but I'm afraid creating such a world wouldn't be an easy task at all. Contrary to what you're stating, the money didn't emerge by chance, but is a well-planned weapon against the people of Earth, weapon which is created to enslave the people and to keep them in slavery. That's the reason why I'm thinking that removing the money from the face of Earth would be a death-defying task, as those who created, who invented the money and are using it to gain power over the people of the world surely wouldn't abandon it just becouse we'll kindly ask them to do that. If you really are serious in trying to bring this money-based and driven system down and replace it with some more human and natural one, then prepare for a long and bloody battle, becouse without battle, those who are ruling this system and world won't step down. And in this battle, you can count on me, too!"

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