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Cole LionsUnterzeichnet: 09:03, 19/12/2012
"All aspects of the charter are agreed with, however I believe it is not possible to simply stop using money. The most powerful people on the planet get their power from money and they will not give that up for a noble cause. Also people are afraid of change and will not risk their current stability for an overnight overhaul of everything they have aver known. There is only one way we will ever be able to change society and it will come at a cost, no doubt the cost will be countless human lives because it will take a physical war to remove the current opposing powers and open the door for any new systems implementation. In saying this and portraying it as almost impossible I do not discount the fact that it is of the utmost importance that we we do act and act now, as we do not have the luxury of time before the current system causes our extinction. I have a way to gradually phase in the infrastructure needed in a moneyless society without turning to many heads in the process.... "

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