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Petar PosavecUnterzeichnet: 12:29, 30/08/2012
"Humanity has been toying in technological obscurity and ignorance for well over a century. We NEED a resource based economy. Virtually every technology in use today is nowhere near of what we are capable of creating when 'cost', 'value' and 'money' are completely taken out of the equation and we ask ourselves 'do we have the resources and technology' to make it happen? The answer is 'yes'. Providing for everyone in terms of needs and most wants... giving every human being relevant general education (which eliminates the need for politicians, governments, judges, policemen, lawyers, etc.). I look forward to the day this becomes reality, and I think there is a very high probability it could happen within the next few decades (20 years, maybe 30 tops - though Capitalism should collapse before that). I am already trying to educate others... and while some resistance is encountered, a lot do perceive that a change of some kind is needed. "

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