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Leon VermaakUnterzeichnet: 22:44, 16/08/2012
"Where do we begin? Remember that the people in power will not let go without a fight. You need not look further than what they are doing to Julian Assage. If it were not for his web-site and all his followers they would have him disapear. War is the biggest money maker... Second is Medical suppliers... all to do with war. Nothing moves an economy more than carpet boming a rich Petroleum Rich country then rebuilding it with those allies that support you. People live in fear ... fear of losing their security, but what about your freedom? The world doesn't realize the power of numbers yet. 1% of the world on top against 99%... the odds are in our favour. We must do it in a violent manner instead in a peaceful way else we would be no different to those in charge. Anyway that is my two pennies worth. "

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