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matt bearUnterzeichnet: 01:22, 25/06/2012
"this sounds great and i want to believe it could work.. but is there any info regarding implementation? what happens if someone were to get greedy or selfish, are there power systems in place, how would they work, who would decide, what is motivating people? I dont mean to sound cynical, and ask those around me this very idea has been floating around my head for years. I can see a lot of implication. the biggest is those in power/lots of money/means of production/haves/capitalist giving up the power.. this type of person has the most to lose in this situation, and as they have the power (through money) they will do everything not to lose it? any ideas? .... so these principals sound great and I would be all for a global free community shift, i will help where i can, but there are some issues that need to be discussed first, with a plan implemented in order to succeed. i think the reason this hasnt happened earlier is because of how hard this plan is to establish and implement. "

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