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Roman FullerUnterzeichnet: 22:00, 19/06/2012
"Our current society and mankind in general also lacks complete, sound communication. If we had all the best scientists in the world working together at once to find a solution to a single problem for example, the answer would be found fairly quickly, IF they worked out a way to communicate and work as a team effectively. As a group gets larger its potential to perform better increases, however, it requires much more effort to reach that potential by communicating effectively. Communication is vital for any kind of functional teamwork, and functional teamwork is vital for optimum performance. I believe money is staggering any current attempts to do this. Money creates inequality, inequality within a team isn't optimum, and can cause secrets. Secrets halt communication and thus consequently halt progress. Are we brave enough to progress? Mankind is currently like the boy nervous to ask that girl out to prom, we could fall on our face, but we will grow as a whole from the experience. -Rom"

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