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Trinity ConstantineUnterzeichnet: 10:00, 18/06/2012
"Thank you, you have filled a void that has been begging to be realised. We can't trust politicians for they are the whores of corporations. Our society has become so sick that people are dying, living in situations that drive them to suicide, crime, drugs and other disadvantageous and self destructive behaviour. I see it getting worse every day. First illuminated by the truths in WikiLeaks I now know that we are all on our own unless we share ourselves to benefit our community. The word community is such a strong word that it is considered so heretic by the former Prime Minister to New Zealand, Jim Bolger who banned the word from every meeting, including church sermons. If we want to survive we need to go back to borrowing a cup of sugar from our neighbour, and sending our children next door with our surplus eggs and rhubarb. No chiding of children who climb the garden wall to pinch our apples, sustainable and carbon neutral was the way, and will be the way again."

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