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attilio miletoUnterzeichnet: 16:11, 30/04/2012
"I have a dream! A world in which "government leaders" are mere executors of directives issued by the Citizens via the Web, using the most advanced IT tools and connections super fast and safe. A world in which all decisions are taken not by a small group of "chosen people" or worse by "technical" designated by "don't know who", but by all Citizens, all properly educated and informed, and able to express preferences in real time on any matter concerning the life of the country in which they live and / or work. A world where parliaments, councils, municipalities have no further reason to exist, because all the laws are written directly by the Citizens, using and sharing accessible platforms and servers collectively owned, administered by persons designated by the Citizens themselves, where each decision is ratified by a centralized structure that has only the task to coordinate and propose agendas, prepared according to the arguments proposed by the Citizens, called WebCitizens. "

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