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Jiří HejčUnterzeichnet: 21:31, 10/04/2012
"Hi all people of Earth, I'm really happy to see a charter like this one. I was thinking about ways how to solve some of the problems of today's nonfunctional socio-economic system based on money and I realized that almost all suffering on this planet is due to the existence of money itself. We are all slaves of money - if you don't have any (for ANY reason), it is bad for you, because you can't afford to buy things for living. Otherwise, if you have money, you live in a fear, that your money will lose their value or that you will lose your money. This charter might mean end of wars (by erasing profit from them), lead to unharmful and effective pharmaceutics (by erasing profit from keeping someone alive but still ill), eradicate famine (by erasing profit from trading food & water) and stopping unnecessary destruction of people by debts... And now, I've found this charter so sign & share if you agree. Thank you for Czech translation:) We live in the Big Time, we can do the change!"

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