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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Kyle SwitzlerSigned: 16:49, 05/12/2023
Rick GebhardSigned: 14:10, 02/12/2023
"Need a job or a community to sustain our aging bodies"
Mark PaineSigned: 12:41, 01/12/2023
"Will will heal this Planet one Urban Farmer at a time! Keep up the AWESOME work??"
Christian GibsonSigned: 04:02, 28/11/2023
"I have been in the process of writing a speculative fiction book where a society does just this and it’s amazing that I’ve now found the Free World Charter. It’s wonderful to see people having optimism about the future of humanity. We will get there everyone. Keep hope and strength alive."
Kri Jackson Signed: 01:56, 11/11/2023
"Please text me on my gmail please text me on google chat or you text me on messenger let chat I’m single with one kid "
Bryan WaiteSigned: 00:41, 10/11/2023
Jacqueline SoatSigned: 16:15, 03/11/2023
Mary NelsonSigned: 01:18, 25/09/2023
"This is great! I will do everything in my power to help it become a reality! Thank you"
Timothy TaylorSigned: 01:08, 25/09/2023
Mitchel HendersonSigned: 20:07, 18/09/2023
Sean NolanSigned: 23:23, 12/09/2023
Edward-Reginald LaddSigned: 08:46, 07/09/2023
"There is no one we are waiting for. We are the ones that have the ability to unify and restore the Sanity of this planet. So that the future generations are brought into a peaceful inhabitable ecology that is based on these self evident truths and bound by natural law. With the aim and focus upon the growth and balance of all life. Practicing Emotional Intelligence, Peaceful resolutions to conflict and restoration and management of the Ecology. Self Sufficient and self sustaining. :Reginal-Edward (family of Ladd)from the Edward the Elder Lineage."
Suzanne MalinowskiSigned: 22:41, 31/08/2023
Caleb WichmanSigned: 15:48, 19/07/2023
"We're all in this together. One world, one people."
Jonathan GreenSigned: 01:46, 15/07/2023
"I've been designing an almost free community and in college so I can make the money to build it"
Kate AndersonSigned: 20:48, 10/07/2023
Brittney JohnsonSigned: 23:06, 13/06/2023
Yeferson Gaspar Signed: 20:02, 04/06/2023
Daniel Belcher Signed: 00:13, 24/05/2023
Jared SandsSigned: 12:33, 16/05/2023
Daniel Washburn Signed: 02:04, 16/05/2023
David OliverSigned: 22:01, 09/05/2023
Kris KorfantaSigned: 14:56, 06/04/2023
Ronnie KeithSigned: 00:02, 05/04/2023
"Psychopaths can never be allowed any position of authority, and the same for sociopaths!!!"
Destyni JohnsonSigned: 04:17, 03/04/2023
"#9 moved me to tears. Those who are able have the responsibility to protect and provide for those yet unable.✨️♥️"
Adam MontgomerySigned: 07:04, 24/03/2023
"Im homeless and need. Help depressed bad addicted family hates me sucks"
Sara Church-CowartSigned: 15:48, 03/03/2023
Melissa KovelmanSigned: 19:26, 22/02/2023
Derek ReedSigned: 06:36, 17/02/2023
"Thank you. I had dreamed of this myself. Life is a wonder."
Nora BeemanSigned: 14:24, 06/02/2023
Anthony GarnerSigned: 21:23, 05/02/2023
PAUL MENDOZASigned: 23:15, 30/01/2023
mina minaSigned: 09:46, 24/01/2023
Mina MinaSigned: 09:31, 24/01/2023
"If there is a world without money, so many kinds of meaningless job will disappear."
Cane KostovskiSigned: 16:01, 18/01/2023
Benji Reade MalagueñoSigned: 13:57, 17/01/2023
Michael MatteoSigned: 10:50, 10/01/2023
Dwayne Moquete Signed: 00:18, 10/01/2023
Ronald FlemingSigned: 16:02, 09/01/2023
Marcel CicortSigned: 10:51, 09/01/2023
"Dont give up. Keep kt going"
Tori LannertSigned: 03:25, 08/01/2023
melissa buckalewSigned: 22:56, 06/01/2023
Itančan WašakaSigned: 15:58, 05/01/2023
"The way to implement this is to create your own community or village, outside the current national jurisdictions legally. Become self-governing, a micro-nation. Become sovereign if you have the courage."
Michelle Perreault Signed: 23:53, 03/01/2023
Jeff FarrisSigned: 10:39, 30/12/2022
"I pledge allegiance to our one collective sapien soul; and to an abundant planetary wealth, globally available. Each individual a part of our sole collective conscience; with my technology, my individual talent and service presented with the planet's abundant resources for all."
Christina WatsonSigned: 23:14, 14/12/2022
Ryan HooverSigned: 00:08, 09/12/2022
John LeeSigned: 17:19, 06/12/2022
Michelle StorckSigned: 18:50, 28/11/2022
Andrea MercierSigned: 19:37, 27/11/2022

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