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Mark PanszkySigned: 09:37, 19/11/2011
"Taiwan is not a province of China"
Vicky LinSigned: 14:00, 16/11/2011
Alex HsuSigned: 16:25, 14/11/2011
Laura ChenSigned: 16:15, 14/11/2011
CHEN CHENG-HUNGSigned: 15:41, 14/11/2011
刁 義芬Signed: 14:53, 05/11/2011
張 瑜玹Signed: 16:06, 04/11/2011
Singing JaoSigned: 05:12, 23/10/2011
"Taiwan is my country, so far, it is not a Province of China. Living in a free world, this island country should not bonded with China. Thank you very much for the correction! To the free world~~ Singing"
Savy WangSigned: 19:03, 22/10/2011
Gary HsuSigned: 05:00, 22/10/2011
"It's A Free World That We Really Need!"
yuan mine longSigned: 10:17, 14/09/2011
Ian 伊恩Signed: 09:17, 14/09/2011
giovanni kuanSigned: 04:16, 13/09/2011
Chiang Pei-YungSigned: 04:18, 12/09/2011
邱奕志 水雉Signed: 19:51, 11/09/2011
"在這混亂的社會裡能看到一道光線的希望 真的很高興 我們人類還有一個覺醒跟提升的機會 希望在我們這個世代裡創造一個 不再是以金錢來衡量人的生命與價值的人類社會跟世界"
Hau PearlSigned: 10:18, 10/09/2011
Kenryo YangSigned: 05:46, 10/09/2011
elim LinSigned: 14:24, 08/09/2011
Julian EmanuelSigned: 08:33, 08/09/2011
" There is no need for us to continue using money, and power to govern the lives of people. It doesn't work, we must change the world so that we all can live together and truly enjoy the abundance that the world provides for us. Until we all can love each other as much as we love our immediate family, what kind of a world will we be living in? I advocate any organization which shares the goals of changing our world into a place that is, peaceful, abundant, and socially heathy for as long as we can sustain it. Which is now not only possible, but also becoming more and more needed as we can see that our current methods have brought us suffering, starvation, brutality, sickness, and death. What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of world do you want to leave for you kids? Is the current system meeting the needs of the people they were put in place for? How in the world can we expect thing to change by doing the same things? For love peace and prosperity, Julian John Emanuel."
Jon CarterSigned: 16:43, 27/08/2011
ag wSigned: 04:15, 20/08/2011
Sylvain BernierSigned: 02:54, 09/08/2011
"Fantastic project, perfectly in line with my beliefs as a Raelian. Thanks for that!"
Corey MartinSigned: 15:15, 26/06/2011
Shen BaiSigned: 11:04, 30/04/2011
承芳 林Signed: 13:32, 24/03/2011
"Taiwan is a country"
Roger Zeitgeist-SmithSigned: 02:41, 19/03/2011
Andy PoonSigned: 17:05, 18/03/2011
"I didn't start believing in the Free World Charter when I first read it. I've believed in it ever since I could think for myself and for others. Every statement I read was like "That's what I've been talking about"

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