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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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valerie gelinetSigned: 10:28, 29/10/2015
elhadji sarrSigned: 17:41, 22/06/2015
Bougar DIOUFSigned: 16:46, 16/02/2015
"Lorsque le pouvoir de l'amour surclassera l'amour du pouvoir, le monde connaitra la paix !!"
Bougar DIOUFSigned: 12:27, 10/01/2015
"Chaque fois que l'homme se dépouille du manteau de la mesure, il retourne sa condition d'animal; par la quelle il n'existe ni le sens de la raison, ni le sens de la pudeur, ni le sens de la responsabilité. Empathie: faculté intuitive de se mettre à la place des autres et de ressentir ceux qu'ils ressentent ."
Jean Charles FayeSigned: 16:33, 20/06/2014
veronique de massolSigned: 23:57, 20/05/2013
Mari Cruz Costas Durán Signed: 20:38, 13/01/2013
"ESPAÑA,es mi país,pero no aparece en el listado."
El Hadji Mansour MBOUPSigned: 12:29, 10/02/2012
"Another point is that God should be at the center of this activity. And I do hope that Everybody will be the ministering angel of the other by meditating the saying"What goes around comes around. We should also try to believe that "Every dark cloud has a silver lining". Let us stop a bit a moment in our life and turn the clock back to the Year zero. From there there was no injustice, no slavery and no colour-bar. "
François-Xavier De NysSigned: 22:35, 23/03/2011
"Take a look at my favorite movie. It's french title is "La belle verte". It's about a wonderfull world where all your principles are commonly respected"

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