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Joanna BolgarSigned: 08:13, 08/02/2017
Alexander RoskvistSigned: 20:07, 07/02/2017
Joakim RonsonSigned: 12:58, 30/01/2017
"Spread love and knowledge!"
Ina Rousseff LervikSigned: 20:30, 21/01/2017
"Alla har rätt till solen, luften, vattnet, elden, vinden, jorden och till mat och dryck på alla borden! "
Mathias BågeSigned: 00:42, 21/01/2017
Kevin KristianssonSigned: 16:40, 01/12/2016
"Care is the answer. I Love all. "
Mattias KällbackSigned: 12:25, 01/12/2016
Sandra PerssonSigned: 08:42, 09/11/2016
Fredrik SandströmSigned: 00:29, 26/10/2016
Lars KarlssonSigned: 14:50, 22/10/2016
Ingrid AhlinderSigned: 11:34, 10/10/2016
"Det här har jag väntat länge på. Helt Underbart att detta nu satts i rullning. Jag kan tyvärr inte skriva ut stadgarna. Kärleksljus Ingrid "
Ingunn Ananda MerkesdalSigned: 11:19, 10/10/2016
Peter JohanssonSigned: 05:54, 10/10/2016
Elisabeth SandersonSigned: 08:27, 15/08/2016
Pentti KinnunenSigned: 20:42, 13/08/2016
"Jag ser ofta helheten och kommer med lösningar utanför boxen. Jag har slopat insulinet genom äkta LCHF. Jag är bättre på att hjälpa andra än mig själv. Jag är uppfinner en hel del, men kan inte förverkliga dem beroende på pengabrist. Jag har teknisk utbildning på Chalmers Varit aktiv i Fältbiologerna. Jag har varit aktiv i Syndikalisterna."
Maria TorvadSigned: 23:02, 10/08/2016
"Gillar att hjälpa människor och jobba med naturen"
Julia Urbanski Signed: 15:56, 09/08/2016
Lucas AnderssonSigned: 12:17, 31/07/2016
"Im sick of the goverment brainwashing the world and making everyone believe that we need money to survive. And that we all should prioritise money instead of compassion and progress. A world without money has been a world of my dreams since I was a kid. And im willing to make it a reality."
Johan B. LöfquistSigned: 05:22, 17/05/2016
Trym BerglundSigned: 16:12, 12/05/2016
Matti ManhemSigned: 23:21, 09/05/2016
Per AnderssonSigned: 18:42, 25/04/2016
sonny kristianssonSigned: 03:23, 19/04/2016
sonny kristianssonSigned: 21:57, 16/04/2016
Karin JonassonSigned: 09:27, 11/04/2016
Paul MartinaSigned: 11:42, 16/03/2016
Grazyna SzafrugaSigned: 16:13, 12/03/2016
"To byloby szczesliwe zycie,ktore jest tak krotkie........."
Ramin RezadostSigned: 17:08, 09/03/2016
Heike KunkelSigned: 12:46, 20/02/2016
Kansel MeilSigned: 14:14, 14/02/2016
Mélia ParizelSigned: 12:58, 25/01/2016
Mathias Hamlet Signed: 11:54, 13/01/2016
"Hopefully I have not just signed a extermination list, and if I did Im glad Im not one of the 1%;ers anyway. And before I go extinct I put my vote on Open Source Ecology thats the way forward guys, no room for hidden agendas and crazy conspiracies in a society where everything is open for scrutiny, let's do it! "
Thom GustafssonSigned: 20:42, 03/01/2016
Erik KällgrenSigned: 20:29, 17/11/2015
Susan RSigned: 22:41, 14/11/2015
Marcus CzövekSigned: 15:10, 12/11/2015
Mats JonasonSigned: 14:56, 19/10/2015
Michelle Palmér Signed: 01:52, 19/10/2015
Anthony StopekSigned: 15:31, 18/10/2015
Tobias ErikssonSigned: 11:00, 18/10/2015
Markus BerningeSigned: 00:19, 15/10/2015
"Hello Colin Turner, I wanted to be a part of a free world without money which everyone can be apart of and a world without economical barriers or fear which create unfair and unhappiness.Where everyone can go to a hospital and get their medicine they need to be healthy. There shouldn't be any bills for getting your rights to go on living healthy as a human being. I think in the future we all can sort it out to help everyone, we have the resources but we don't have our will or freedom to make such a future possible today. I will never lose my hopes of a freedom greater than we have today. We all live in an illusion that a world without money isn't possible, at least that's what the banks and politics want us to think. The time when the people will realize we don't need leaders to brainwash us anymore to make things work together. We simply have the tools today to communicate across continents and create a perfect world together without borders and political leaders. Thank you!"
Yvonne LundqvistSigned: 20:38, 27/09/2015
JENS JERNDALSigned: 13:16, 12/09/2015
"Of course I agree to all the principles above. But I do not understand how such a society is possible without some kind of currency or credit vouchers or similar. After all, a lot of work has to be done for this to function and some people have to take on the responsibility of organizing it and making it work. It´s not as if everything hangs on trees free for us to pick, and never runs out. In a civilized prosperous high-tech society, such as we have become accustomed to, things do not happen by themselves, and a lot of different kinds of work has to be organized and performed. Some people may not want to do anything at all, just pick the free fruits. And, even if others are willing to do the necessary work, given human nature I doubt that most of them would be ready to provide work or resources for others without a fair compensation or return. Please explain HOW you see society functioning without some kind of fair exchange and reward system."
Elin RyosaSigned: 19:58, 05/09/2015
Kim KnutssonSigned: 17:49, 01/08/2015
tobias HelsingSigned: 00:57, 13/07/2015
Irene NSigned: 12:06, 11/07/2015
"The possibilities are endless x"
Erik StaflinSigned: 17:13, 27/06/2015
Gergő Galyas Signed: 20:29, 16/06/2015
Daniel LudvigsenSigned: 19:45, 15/06/2015
"I have dedicated my life to these kind of movements and communities ! together for a resource based economy !!"

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